Newbies Initiative Task5 : Tokens on Hive and how to trade them

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This is my entry to the 5th Task in the Newbies Initiative and it's centered on understanding the various tokens on hive and how to trade them

Before I continue, I'd like to appreciate all the brains behind this initiative. You guys have succeded in making us to stand firm on hive already. A big thank you!😍🥰

Abuses of Tipping/mining tokens

  • Self tipping with another personal account: it's against the code of operation when a user decides to create another account just to be using it to command the tipping bot to tip the first account. This is illegal and I think it should be publishable by law🤔.
  • Self tipping via liaison with another user: This is done by getting another user to command the tipping bot to tip you while he does the same on your account. It looks like a smart move but it's not fair and it's against the code of usage.
  • self tipping through irregular usage of the command on your article, comments or any other places that don't need it: This is easily done by freely typing the command keys without putting it in quote. It should be placed like this !luv , !pizza to avoid activating the command. This should be taken into consideration when you're trying to explain tipping to someone.

Difference between Hive and swap.hive
This difference is very clear, Hive is used on first layer while the swap.hive is used on the second layer.
On the exchange layer, hive is not seen there, that's to say, Hive can't be used to swap or purchase any token but what's allowed is swap.hive.
They're very similar and have same value but hive works at the upper house while swap.hive works in the engine room.

Some of Decentralized exchanges on hive

  • Tribaldex (
  • Leodex (
  • Beeswap (
  • Hive-engine (

Conversion of Hive to Swap.hive
I'm very familiar with but when I tried this afternoon, it refused to process and I guess that was due to network issue.
So I'd be showing the process with

First of all, the screenshot below is my Hive balance and I'll be converting 1.1 of it to swap.hive.

I clicked on and login with my was easy and that's because maybe I already have leofinance Frontend on my phone already.

From the screenshot above, I clicked on 'DEPOSIT' and the screenshot below appeared;

As you can see, it's simple like that, I added the amount I want to deposit and I clicked on 'DEPOSIT HIVE' to get it processed.

Then the screen below popped out which demanded for transaction approval.

I clicked on 'APPROVE' and it was done in a second.

Then I went to check my main Hive wallet and I met it reduced as expected. It was 6Hive before but now 5Hive.

Also, I went to check the second layer zone(Hive engine) and I met the converted 1.1 Hive as swap.hive as you can see on the screenshots below;

To convert it back;
I went back to the and click on 'WITHDRAW' as seen below;

I entered my username (the hive account I'm transferring to) and clicked on 'WITHDRAW HIVE'. It took me to the approval spot and I clicked APPROVE.

And that was it!

It reflected instantly on my wallet as main Hive as seen below;

Thanks for reading

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