Scared is an understatement, I was terrified, I thought I had died because at that point all hope was lost for me. It wasn't until I tried moving my body and noticed the pains all over that I realized "oh, I'm still alive." My pregnant mum came rushing down hearing the hitting sound from her room upstairs only to see her son lying down flat on the floor in the pool of his blood. It was the second time in my life I had passed out after going through a life-threatening event.

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The first time it happened I was very sick during my 100-level days while I was still in the hostel, I hadn't taken my monthly medication for the past three months, and I was beginning to suffer from it. The worst thing was that I was not responding to any medication, not even the old ones. That night I was restless sleeping at the topmost bunk in a room of 12 boys. the only thing I remembered was in one second, I was no longer feeling my back on the bed, but rather a cool fresh breeze running through my face. The next second, my head first, and then my entire body crashed on the tiled floor.

I raised up my head out of shock with no pain or explanation whatsoever as to what had just happened to me, and the next thing I saw was nothing but a complete blackout. My roommates did not even notice what had happened as they were all fast asleep. I woke up some hours later and went back to my bed, getting up the next morning as though I was beaten up in reality. My buried face with blood on my shirt, and on my bed which made my roommates see exactly how useless they were to me at that moment.

It was after the second incident I mentioned first coupled with the first experience, made I started having a phobia for heights. The phobia grew worse last year after the accident I had in December where I fell into an uncovered newly-constructed underground tunnel. Although my reflexes came right on time, I was very scared, Passers-by had to come to my rescue seeing what had happened to me, but this was after one of those underground rods had pierced through my right leg. I did not feel the pains in the beginning after they brought me out of the tunnel, probably because my body had not come to the realization that I had been injured. A few minutes later, my legs could no longer carry me, so everyone rushed me to a nearby hospital when they noticed blood coming out continuously out of my leg as I was already feely too dizzy and I think was almost passing out.

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Although the last experience was painful and scary, especially because of how recent it is and how fresh I still carry it in my memory. Still, it was nothing close to my first near-death experience when I literally saw my eyes flash in my very before. The last one came close leaving me with a scar, but I think it was just God who saved me from having a scare in the first incident because any scar I would have sustained after falling from a duplex, would have been a very big one.

It was in our new house, I just came home for the holidays and was not familiar with the house space. My mum was heavily pregnant, and there was no light around past one a.m. in the morning. My mum needed me to help her do something because of her condition, and as I got up to answer her call, I forgot there was nothing to guild the empty space at the front of my room which just happened to be facing the empty space upstairs and lead directly to the sitting room downstairs. By the time I remembered, my legs were no longer touching the floor which was a long way down. I think I had passed out before hitting the ground because anytime I remember the height I fell from that day, I find yet another reason to be grateful for life.


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