The first sign of the beauty of the garden

One of our hobbies is gardening. We all love to garden. So we created a small garden in front of our workplace. Although there were many flowering plants in that garden, some flowering plants had to be cut down due to lack of cleanliness. We still have some flowering plants in this small garden that I don't know the names of.



Although there are many flowering plants as well, this white flower is quite amazing to see which enhances the beauty of nature. As well as the fragrance of these flowers a lot. Probably it is Gandharaja flower. It is known as Gandharaja flower due to its high fragrance. The tree has grown old but now new flowers are blooming.



This white flower is now beginning to bloom. Which is enhancing the beauty of the trees as well as the environment around the trees and in front of our workplace office. Honestly the last two days ago when I saw this flowering tree bloom in the small garden in front of our workplace. I liked it very much then. I stood in front of the flowering tree for a long time looking at the flowers and the flower buds on the tree as well as doing some photography.




As far as I know, this white flower starts blooming in the afternoon and the fragrance of the flower spreads around at night. As far as I know, white flowers are very fragrant. However the last two days ago I saw only this flower blooming in this flowering tree and saw a few flower buds together. Hopefully in a few days many more flower buds will come and many more flowers will bloom. And as well as the flowers will enhance the beauty of the surrounding environment.

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