A Raspberry Of My Village

Hey Everyone!!
Here's the Rubus Ellipticus photography which is a common raspberry in my village. I clicked these pictures near a river with my mobile camera. There are many plants of it all around, wherever you go.
As i mentioned, it is a raspberry, so we eat it. When it is unripe, the sepals holds it tightly and when it ripe, the sepals leave it, and it detached from the sepals. After detaching from sepals, it get so easy to fall down for that particular raspberry. It taste little sweet and tart which is good. I usually eat this, whenever i found a plant of it.
It's a thorny plant having thorns on it. Along with the stem, the leaves of it also have little thorns on it. If anyone hold its leaves tightly it can harm him. So need to be very careful while eating fruits from such a thorny raspberry.




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