Look Up In The Blue Sky - What do you see?

There is only one blue sky, but everyone's life is different. The person who has the ability to answer all those tough questions is not the sky, but only yourself.


I love the saying " The sky will be blue again, but time won't turn back
The place is still the same, but the youth is not."


Have you ever looked up at the blue sky, whispered a few good wishes to yourself, and that wish came true.


I have been like that, when I was a child, I often looked up at that big blue sky to send my prayers. Just those little things, but it left me with beautiful memories of my childhood.


Time has passed, I am 21 years old now, I have realized that "God" will never hear those prayers, only one thing to make the wish come true is to work hard and make an effort every day.


Don't let the cloudy days make you dull and lonely. There will always be someone to accompany you on the road of life. It may be a parent, a friend or even a stranger but accidentally caught you somewhere.


No matter what happens tomorrow but let's stay optimistic to live happily with our loved ones, let's transmit positive energy to those around us. That will make our life so much better.


Thank you for reading my post. I will keep my motivated to do more good works and share my lovely story to you guys on here. Have a nice weekend.

Jonas Nguyen.

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