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good afternoon hive friends, happy to meet again with joelibra in this beloved community I'm very happy that I can still meet all of my friends and make posts in this communication on this occasion I will write a post about social media and its benefits in everyday life, this is the title given by the hive learners contest in the 16th week of this second edition.

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Talking about social media issues is certainly not foreign to everyone at this time, because with social media it can make it easier and help human work today. at this time, we will be left behind from the latest information information.

social media is a means that facilitates users to share information and establish relationships with each other and also to share content such as photos or writings and videos. social media is also a means to socialize with each other through the internet network that allows humans to interact interact without being limited by space and time.

the presence of social media today has a very important role in establishing relationships and communicating with each other, with social media all humans can send data to their relationships without having to deliver them,

I have experience that social media is very useful for me in carrying out my daily activities, I work as a teacher or teacher in a school in the area where I live, I communicate with friends who are in the profession through one of the social media about information and news news about our work. and also I also communicate and send learning media media in the form of material that must be studied as well as assignments that must be done by my students through one of the social media or applications that we have installed on a laptop or my android mobile phone and also other friends including my students. So with social media it really helps my daily work, and with social media it doesn't take much time, everything is fast and accurate.

Social media cannot be separated from its negative elements, for example too many sites or applications waste time and neglect, and also if we don't limit the use of it to our children, we can damage their minds and brains with media that displays negative and harmful elements.

this is all I can write, hopefully it will be useful for myself and also for all of my friends and thank you for the support.

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