Why is it so common for individuals to say things like, "I'll take care of this later, I'll call her back, I'll take the kids to the park"? you come up with petty excuses, could it be the stress or fatigue at work to be blamed?

Not knowing about the
unfinished tasks waiting for you, then what should you do? You
ask yourself, "Why did I Procrastinate?" as you consider how to improve the situation you find yourself in.

You get so frustrated, you start looking for a last-minute fix that might work for you. Then realize that the day is almost over and the time has passed far too quickly.

We may be aware that procrastination is a strategy for delaying tasks, a time waster, and a way to put off or even postpone crucial tasks that must be completed. Could it be that we also contribute too since we put off tasks/chores that needed our attention at a certain period in our life?

I'd like to use this chance to talk about an experience I had recently. I work from home and am a mother to a lovely 2-year-old daughter, you see, everything must be organized so that I can satisfy both my professional requirements and my household tasks.

So a few days ago, I had a ton of chores that needed to be done. Since it was the weekend, I had to start with my laundry, Then I had to mop the floor, organize the kitchen, take my daughter to the bathroom, prepare the meal, and finish some client work.

I swiftly handled my client's orders at around 7 a.m., The rest of my activities were put on hold while I prepared the meal and took care of my daughter. I told myself that I would return to them later because doing nothing but work would make me a boring mother. My kid and I played, watched some movies, and eventually fell asleep.

I woke up around 3 p.m. and realized I still had a lot of things that needed to be taken care of. I was furious with myself for procrastinating instead of taking care of those things and for not acting when the time was right. Once more, I was in a rush to complete those tasks, which left me fatigued and made me even more irritated with myself.

I discovered from that experience to never waste time on things that are not necessary because, in the end, my daughter's crying and attention-seeking made the chores even harder for me to do.



I find that it's a common problem; for some people, it may even have developed into a habit. However, what matters most is how to respond to it. These are simply my 3 personal opinions, but I'd want to share them with all of you


When one is overwhelmed with a particular task or chore, one tends to take a break to rest for a moment or do something else, not realizing that by doing so they are increasing one stress when one returns to it.


We live in a society where there are so many things that might divert our attention from whatever we are doing, therefore distraction may be a wonderful justification to avoid that activity or chore. I'll use an instance from my life to illustrate this: I get distracted by my daughter, remember my recent encounter?


Some people seem too lazy, in my opinion, to even get out of bed, let alone consider starting an activity or chore in the first place. A lazy person will always find ways to say, "I'll get back to this, that, and so on," without realizing the mountain of work that will be waiting for them at the end of the day.



We know when we do things right, and when we do something wrong or terrible. I'll also add by saying, we already know what would happen when we decide to put off our jobs or activities because of petty justifications. However, I think someone could find my little contribution regarding how to handle it helpful.


Time doesn't wait for anyone, therefore once we understand this, we'll be able to enjoy it more and do our tasks as quickly as we can, with excuses not required. When we set a goal, we should at the very least try all the best methods to achieve it.


I've come to learn that self-belief is one of the most important aspects of life. There is nothing you cannot do if you believe in your capabilities, abilities, and self-worth.
When it comes to completing the assigned assignment, objective, or whatever you feel like accomplishing.

Don't let what other people think of you be the determining factor in how far you can go. Even if you initially find the task or chore to be tedious, challenge yourself so that you can complete it. Always have faith in your ability to succeed.

Thank you all for reading.

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