Building A Better Name With Dreemport

May 9, 2022

For many of us, writing is just easy but getting readers, followers, and promoting content is the challenging part. Unless you're a writer who doesn't care about having readers as you only think about getting tips just like what I said to @olawalium in his recent article. But for a writer who values both writing and reading, we always wanted our content to be read by others. And as for me, our content is useless without readers. What's the point of writing without readers anyway? We write not just writing for ourselves and to express our thoughts, but to educate and inspire readers. That's how our writing journey will become worth taking.

Different social media like Facebook and Twitter are our mediums for promoting our content. And other blogging platforms are where we could share our content, as well as onboard users to write on our current platform using your affiliate links. That's the main purpose of cross-posting, to promote content and onboard users.

It's hitting two birds with one stone. You are helping the platform to grow while promoting your content and getting more readers. Cross-posting may be time-consuming and challenging at first, but if you want to get more readers and establish a name on different blogging platforms, you'll probably take this into account.

I learned about it from @ifarmgirl and @coquicoin posts but I didn't mind it. Until recently when I joined a contest on EcoTrain where I needed to post my entry on Dreemport as well, to be promoted and included in the weekly challenge. So I decided to register on this platform and partake in the challenge.

At first, I thought the platform was just for promoting content from Hive and supported platforms under its chain. But upon reading the information about it, I found out that it's for everyone and different writers from different platforms can promote their content there as well to get more readers while participating in curating content and weekly challenges.

Many probably knew about this platform already, but for those who don't, especially newbies, this would be a big help for you to build a name and acquire more readers, while interacting with others on different platforms.

What is Dreemport?

Dreemport is a that allows people to connect with different readers and writers across different platforms, front-ends, and communities.

What can we get from promoting content on Dreemport?


The platform welcomes everyone and you will get a chance to earn DREEM, the platform's token while curating and promoting content.

Newbies are definitely welcome here. And oldbies could make a fresh start and opportunity to get new readers and followers while earning crypto through writing.

There is no favoritism, no upvoting and downvoting, no followers, and communities as it is all randomized. You can drop your content, comment, and upvote on other content, and follow writers you like using the supported system of a certain platform.

If you love Hive,, Medium, Blurt, Vocal, Appics, Publish0x, Torum, etc, but don't want to be disloyal to them, you don't need to worry about it on Dreemport.

How do you earn DREEM tokens?

After registering on the site, you have to participate in curating other articles to be able to promote your content. Each day, you will receive five pieces of random content from different writers which you need to curate and rank based on the quality of the content. Your basis for accepting, rejecting, or ranking content should be accurate and not biased. Your genuine curation will be rewarded with the platform's token. And those in the top five daily and weekly would earn more. Participating in different #DreemPortChallenge will also help you earn more DREEM tokens.

How to get started on Dreemport?

Dreemport is still in its testing stage, username and password were enough to make an account. But recently, they added the email address confirmation. If you have a Hive account, you can also use that so you could receive DREEM and Hive tokens tips from the guild.

You can visit this article of @dreemport to know about how to starr on this platform.
How Do I Use Dreemport?

In case you are curious about how to curate, it's very simple.
To curate:

  • Click READ POST and you will be directed to the platform where the content was posted. You can upvote, downvote, or comment and give tips to the article.
  • After reading, go back to Dreemport and submit your curation result. ACCEPT if the article makes sense and the writer put valuable time into writing. REJECT if the article is spam, plagiarized, and breaking the curation rules. Then click SUBMIT after choosing your vote.
  • After reading all 5 articles, you will be given the last chance to check your curation result. Click I AM CERTAIN if you are sure of your choices.
  • Once all is done, you can RANK the articles from most liked to least liked. Simply click and drag the article to where you want to position it.
  • Go back the next day to check if your curation results aligned with the guild's result. Click CLAIM ALL. Then you will receive DREEM tokens from your genuine curation.

Fortunately, my first curation result was 100% aligned.


Is curating other articles necessary?

Each day, after curating 5 articles, you will be able to submit your article, and it will be included in the list of random articles that will be curated by others. You can only submit one article per day.

You will be ranked based on the accuracy of your curation results and your own articles' evaluations by other curators.


And to enter the ranking stage, content must be original, high-quality, appropriate, and well-written. The higher your rank, the more tokens you will earn.

How to submit content to Dreemport?


  • On the top right corner of the screen, click SUBMIT.
  • On the given fields, enter the title of your content, a short description of the content, the URL of the content, and the cover photo's URL.
  • Then Confirm!

You can go back the next day to check if your content passed or not.


Just a pretty reminder before curating and submitting content: The Dreemport guild strictly implements Rated PG-13 standards. Your content might be accepted by others since the selection is random, but not by the guild. So be sensible in choosing which content to submit. Additionally, content about photography, videos, and music is also accepted but make sure to include enough written content. There should be no sexual content, plagiarism, and others that break the curation guidelines.

You can read the Curation Guidelines to check the do's and don'ts for curating content.

This is certainly great way for newbies to get more followers and for all of us to establish a name on different blogging platforms. We all started from scratch and we know how tough it is to get more followers.

As a writer, we value our content and readers, as well as our favorite blogging platform. As much as possible, we want to get more readers and followers to make our writings more worth it.

And if you want to grow in this blogging world, you have to step out and connect with other writers on different platforms. Dreemport allows different writers from different platforms to connect and build a strong foundation while having fun and earning tokens.

Don't be worried about curating, it is just easy. You just need to read, curate, and rank articles. Just be honest with your choices. It will also help you meet different writers ☺.

Why don't you try it? Just ping me if you need help.

Thanks for reading.


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