My Golden Ten Minutes - If only I could travel back in time

πŸ…Άoing back in time is complicated, making you change the past cannot guarantee the future. And if you were given one chance to go back in time, you should think and plan carefully on what to do.

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My father died 10 years ago, I was not there when he died, If I go back to that time and managed to save him, what assurance could I get that he is still alive when I go back to the present time?

Maybe I could save him at that time, but no one knows what will happen after a few years. The bottom line is the chance to travel in time will be wasted.

Things to Consider

You should also consider that going back in time will affect your present so what you must do is think carefully about what to do if you don't want to regret your present life

What I really think about time traveling

The truth is I don't want to change anything in this world and my life, I believe that all things that happened are meant to happen. All that happened in my life is part of me and all that is happening in the world right now is part of God's plan. In short, I don't think time traveling is a good idea

My Time Traveling Plan

But since we are talking about time travel, If ever it will be possible, I think I have the right idea on what to do and when to do it.

First I will wait for the Big Lotto result in the Newspaper. After knowing the result, I will go back to the past to make a bet on those winning numbers.

Let's say that you go back in time last month to bet on those winning numbers, then you go back to the present wondering why you're still broke. Then you discovered that you've made a poor decision about your winnings. Now all you have is a disappointment.

If you will do the change in a short span of time, the plan is still fresh on what you will do with your money. Whatever happens, you are there to face it.

Why? it's because that is just a span of hours, meaning I still have this mindset on what to do about my winnings and enjoying my winnings.
This will also be beneficial to me and to the people I plan to help.

Why not do something great?

Why not do something big like change the world? I don't think it's my job, and as I have told you, I believe that all things that happened are meant to happen. and I think acquiring wealth will be more helpful for me and those people around me at this present time.

I hope you enjoyed my short idea about time traveling for ten minutes. To all the people who are reading and supporting my posts, thank you very much! 😍

Feel free to drop a comment regarding the topic or about my way of writing so I can improve it.

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