Hive To Me Is My Gate Way To Financial Freedom !!!

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. Hey Everyone, I hope you are all fine and doing great. This Post is my entry to Weekly Featured Content in the #Hivelearners community. Today's topic to write about is the Hive To The World.

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I would like to start this post with a beautiful quote from Robert Kiyosaki

"Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it."

The financial conditions in Pakistan are getting worse day by day. Inflation is on the rise and uncontrollable. Businesses are shutting down. People are on strike on a daily basis. Jobs in the private sector are hectic and the salary is insufficient to meet the basic needs.

Jobs in Government sectors are already distributed to those who have some influence in the government sector. Call it nepotism. A simple Person like me can't get a job in the government sector as I don't have any relatives or influence there.

In these Horrible conditions, Everyone is looking for alternative sources of income. After trying different platforms, and not getting success, I am here On the Hive Platform with the hope that, with my hard work and Passion, I can earn to bear my expenses.

At the Current Inflation Rate, I need to earn at least 10 $ to meet my daily expenses. Currently, with the effort I am making and the content I am producing, I am able to earn 3 to 4 $ a Day.

I know 3 to 4 $ is not enough, but in the current situation with no other job, something is better than nothing. I know I need to increase the quality of my content to be able to earn 10$ a Day.

Nonetheless, with some savings and my earnings from Hive I am able to feed my family.

I have onboarded @aliraxa, @faizan-ashraf , @zohab336, @faizazohaib @djbravo, @mudasraraza and @tahirmuneer

Due to the bear market and personal preference, most of these people are not on hive currently.

@djbravo and @tahirmuneer are active and they are using this wonderful blockchain.

I am really impressed by the efforts from @djbravo, He is now a @ecency Guest Curator. I forget to tell you guys that, @djbravo is my real ( Blood ) brother.

He is yet to get his HL verified badge, I am gonna help him apply for HL verification in a few days.

With my hive earnings I have helped many people outside the hive, and to be honest, it's one of the best feelings in the world to help others.

There was a case in the past about a man whose hand was damaged, I asked my lovely hive community for help and they helped me with open hearts, and I received upvotes and donations. Here is the link to the charity appeal I made on my previous account.


and here is the update on that charity request


It always brings happiness in your life when you are able to help someone in need.

I am looking forward to helping as many as I can in the coming future. Wish me best of luck.

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