Using agricultural sprayer without prior knowledge.

Greetings everyone.

This is another wonderful day to share our ideas about our personal lives. Well, it is clear that everyone has something special. Sometimes it is really hard to figure out what your gift is. For me, I haven't figured out my gift yet. Funny enough, I find myself engaging in several things, some of which I am good at, while others I find hard. I am someone who is very diligent in what I do, which results in me spending my time on something trying to get a positive outcome. Different occasions or activities can lead someone to his or her gift. If an opportunity is not made for it to showcase itself, it remains inside.

There are thousands of engagements out there; different individuals haven't been in a position to give it a trial. They may be very good at it or even be pros, but since that avenue hasn't been created it will definitely remain void. This is how sad it is that someone has that talent for singing but hasn't had the right motivation to do so.

What I understand by GIFT"

It is a natural endowment, something that makes you unique. That means for someone to say that this is my gift, it is something that he or she is special at doing, which makes the person stand out among a particular group of people, in a specific locality, or even in the world at large.


In my few engagements, I wouldn't say it's a gift, but this is what I did without prior knowledge but became good at it. The use of agricultural sprayers is what I did not learn. Taking part in this activity further helped me in most of my exams during my high school days in Agricultural Science.

This is an opportunity I still appreciate to this day.

Thank you all for reading. I am @isaacngore.

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