Task 2 : Get to know Coin hive and also how to power up


Good evening my friends wherever you are on this occasion I will do a second stage task where the task is to know and also know how the hive platform and the coins that are there

This task Of course decided for an account that has a reputation between 25 to 59 in the Hive Learners community which of course I have to use it because at the moment I don't have a reputation of 52

  • How much do you know about Hive, Hive Power & HBD?

hive is a token from the Hive platform with varying prices, while HBD is a Hive Dollar whose price is usually adjusted to the current dollar price. Hive power is a Hive Token that we stake to stabilize the platform. We can unstake it within a period of 13 weeks.

  • Is there any importance of powering up Hive?

this is the most necessary thing because of course this is to keep the platform from experiencing price damage in the market and of course we have to do it

  • How many ways are there to acquire Hive Power (HP)?

to get hive power, of course, in several ways. One of them is by making posts where each post that we will make, of course we have to get curation from several people to get value from the post. And the post will also be shared in the form of hive power. while one more way that I know To get hive power of course we have to do it on other people's posts and we will get a curation of it

  • Show the process of converting HBD to Hive from Internal Market? (Must show screenshots)





  • Can you power up your Hive To HP? (Must Show The Process)






that's some understanding and also the information that I have answered You can comment below if there is indeed some ambiguity

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