Pochettino will resign if he fails in the championship league



Hello everyone, on this occasion I will tell you that about current sports information, which is a sport that I really like football, which of course I will share with you, which is related to the current PSG coach, Mauricio Potechino.

Mauricio Pochettino is currently coaching the French capital team, PSG where he has held this position since January last year and since then he has coached PSG and is currently fighting to win the French League for this year because in previously PSG slumped and failed to secure the title

some players from PSG at this time are already labeled as stars, one of which is Lionel Messi who was recruited at the end of last season and is currently one of the best recruits for PSG itself.


Even if we see the player recruited by Potechino this season is very classy like GioriLo Wijnaldum, Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos, Lionel Messi and also Achraf hakimi is certainly one of the players who have very potential

even though they have players who have great class but so far have not managed to win the Champions League so they have to fight more this season to be successful this season

The current PSG coach, Mauricio Potechino, also believes that his team this season can indeed achieve success. In fact he also mentioned that if he couldn't, who also didn't succeed this season in the Champions League, he would be ready to resign from the PSG coaching chair, that's what the Argentine coach said to the media crew.

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