Money is the root of evil

Money is one of the most important things in life because it plays a very important role in the life of humans. Thinking about life without money is nothing more than a dream and it is the reason we are continuously making efforts to earn money. In fact, sometimes we don't hesitate to harm others for money. Money is the thing which makes humans desperate and seems like money has the capability to disappear humanity from the human mind. Some people don't hesitate to kill humans and do other illegal activities to make more money which is a matter of concern in the current time.

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As a human, I have seen several bad incidents and I have encountered several incidents also. So today I am going to share one of them.

The time when I was admitted to class 8 in town, I shifted to one of my distant relative's houses from the village for study purposes. The relationship between my parents and that relatives (Aunt) was very good and that is the reason I shifted there for my study. There were two sons of my aunt and both of them were my seniors. To be honest, bother senior brothers and aunt loved me very well and I was satisfied with their behaviour. The most senior brother was my inspiration and he motivated me very well in case of my studies. In fact, He was my idol and I wanted to be like him. My aunt used to treat me as her kid. Except for some of her behavior, she was good and I was like in a paradise. Naturally, all the expenses of mine were taken by my father. In fact, he used to give more money to my aunt for their good behavior.

In the first three years, everything was very well and I was happy there. But because of a financial crisis, my father was unable to give extra money which he was given in the past. But things started to change after that. They started to ask for money even if my father was giving them a certain amount of money which was needed for me. But it seems they became greedy. Several times they tried to humiliate me for not giving them extra money but they forgot that instead of extra money my father gave them 1500$ loan. They didn't want to miss any opportunity to tank me whenever they got the opportunity.

I noticed that the senior brother who used to earn in the past became idle and stopped working for money. He took my father's money as a guaranteed thing and for that reason when my father didn't give them extra money, they started to face a financial crisis. They were asking for money from my father again and again. After some time they stopped paying my tutor's salary and they said my father didn't give them money for a financial crisis. I informed the situation to my father and from the next month I started to take control of financial cases when it was about my teacher's salary. My father used to give the salary of the teacher to me and the senior brother & his mother (Aunt) became angry with me and I kept quiet because I felt discussing the matter with them was pointless.

My examination was approaching near and I could not change the environment because changing the environment before the time of the exam is not a wise idea and it creates disturbances in the study. In the last few months, I was almost quiet and didn't talk with them unless it was not necessary. They tried their best to do mental torture but at a point I resisted and I also showed them I am not so weak in mind games. I know how to create mental pressure which I didn't want but they forced me to do so and I told my father not to give extra penny to them. I planned to leave them after my examination without saying a single word of humiliation but they crossed their limit too much that I needed to choose the violence. They understood that I was going out of their control. So they tried to convince me to stay after the exam too.

I felt they started to think about me like her money machine or like a goose who gives golden eggs. Honestly, I felt very bad to see their different behavior at the ending time which was unexpected to me. I started to think of them as my family members but they started to think of me as a money machine and started to highly depend on my father's money.

In the case of my education, I think they played a very important role in my life and motivated me very well. I can't deny the truth but at the same time, I can't forget their transformation for money. Sometimes I feel like if my father didn't give them too much money, the situation could be better. My father was not reasonable because it was their choice.

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