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good night and my respect to my blogchen friends, may you always be in the protection of the almighty god. on this occasion I want to share a story with all of you, hopefully it will be useful.


anger in my opinion

anger is one of the heat that arises in everyone who comes out when the situation is not supportive or not willing to be accepted by each person's heart, that's when the emergence of anger flares up. anger is based on the bribery of lust that is in each of us. We see this anger habit a lot in people when the situation or symptoms that arise when circumstances are not possible for everyone.

one example of anger arising from someone going out when a development leader sees it is not good and neat, the chairman when angry with his subordinates sees the construction is not good or not neat.
a lot of the other things that happen that I see in people depend on people either keeping it under wraps or having a lot of patience when anger comes out.

Can anger issues be a good tool for bringing about change? Of course not, because anger itself can be self-defeating, sometimes it can destroy anything that is useful to us, and sometimes it can destroy people among us.

most people already know that death can harm oneself as well as others, but when anger comes out at that time awareness has lost half in people, therefore before anger burns, eat first to avoid the sight we see in front of our eyes

That's all I can say tonight where there are mistakes and awkwardness in the words or taste that I share, please forgive me because there is much more to learn in the procedure for writing words or pictures

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