My entry for the Hive Learners contest " W14E1" | Someone I consider a hero because he helped me

Hello friends #hive everyone how are you I hope you are always fine

Greetings to all of us who have been in our beloved community, today I am back in front of your eyes to share my story of real world heroes who have helped me when no one else could. First of all I would like to thank the Hive Learners community for giving me the opportunity to enter a very challenging contest this week.

As we know this week is the 14th week of the first edition of the contest in this beloved community and in the last few weeks many have shown their writing skills and it really made me want to join like the others.

The contest in this first issue is about A Real Life Hero


The story of a hero has always been everyone's dream, of course, every time we hear about heroes, we remember about heroes in cool robes, but not all heroes wear capes because there are many heroes that we often find every day in our lives, of course, that person has done the most valuable thing. the person is considered a hero even though he is not wearing a cloak.

About the story of this hero I will tell you a little about my experience when I was in an accident on a very quiet road and of course on that road very few people and even that road there were almost no people at all, at that time I was traveling on vacation with my friend when coming home from vacation we chose a quiet road which if I chose that road would arrive home in the near future but the road I took was of course very quiet and the road had lots of potholes from the start I already knew if I came home late at night there was a high risk of going home but because I wanted to get home on time I was forced to pass that road.

On the way home until very far in the middle of the road I had a very tragic accident, I was traveling at a very fast speed until at the turn of the road I had an accident falling into a hole in the road and the hole in the road was so deep that the motorbike I was riding was crushed and broken -broken and I suffered serious injuries on my body, at that time my friend and I really needed help but at that time no one passed there, waited for a while there until one car passed by and I didn't call anyone that's because remember I was seriously injured and I couldn't even call anyone else at that time but luck was on my side suddenly the person driving the car stopped and came up to me and helped me, picked me up and brought me into his car and he didn't care about the car covered in blood and he took me to the hospital and the hospital in the area j It was also so far away that I was in real pain but the person who helped me was trying hard to help me in various ways so that I could survive until I got to the hospital.

When I arrived at the hospital and I was treated at the hospital and until I was successfully stitched and bandaged but the person who helped me kept waiting for me and didn't care about the work he was doing at that time until after I was able to move from the hospital that person still also offered to take me to the house where I live, on the way I asked him why he was passing that road and he replied that he had often passed that road and he also told me that he had urgent work that he had to do at that time , and saw me again in an accident until he decided to help me and at that moment I realized that he was willing to lose his job at that time to help me.

The incident was about two years ago and I really think of him as a hero in my life because he was willing to sacrifice his work to help me and I am really grateful for the kindness that made me saved for what happened to me at that time, and I was with that person until now still communicating well and he is still healthy until now, I am grateful to get to know him who became a hero figure for my life.


Alright friends, maybe that's all I can tell you the story of a real world hero who helped me when I had an accident in a quiet place. Sorry if there are mistakes in my writing, for all of you, let's continue to follow the contests provided in the Hive Learners community every week. See you again in my next post.


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NOTE : I write in Indonesian with the help of Google to translate to English



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