My entry for the Hive Learners contest " W38E2 " | Online libraries can make it easier for me to gain knowledge

Hello friends #hive everyone how are you I hope you are always in good health

Greetings to all of us in this beloved community, today I am back in front of my eyes to share my story about the library, whether I prefer to study in traditional books or I prefer to study books online. Before continuing to the discussion, first of all I would like to thank the Hive Learners community for giving me the opportunity to take part in this contest. As we all know this week is week 1 of the second edition of the contest in this beloved community.


We all know that the rapid development of the times has made various kinds of technology appear so that any job is facilitated by robots or machines, both physically and in other terms. new things and work is also very quickly completed because there is the help of robots or machines. With this development, of course, everything looks very easy and very different from the days of our ancestors which used to only rely on physical strength and also whatever we want to achieve must be real and if we need to meet someone, we have to meet that person directly. and not only that, if we want to learn and know various kinds of knowledge, we really have to go to the library because in ancient times, the books were only in the library, very different from today, because now we are all humans, it is very easy to seek knowledge Knowledge is enough to have a smartphone, we already have a lot of knowledge in our hands.

Now if talking about me do I prefer online books or traditional books of course my answer is online books because to be honest I am very lazy to read traditional books because it requires a place to visit them, like if I go to school if I want to get more knowledge then I have to go to the school library and it takes a long time and because of that I very rarely go to the library at school, but with the presence of an internet technology everything makes it easier for me without exception because a smartphone can cover everything and I'm really grateful to be in this very modern era because I can easily get knowledge by opening my smartphone screen and opening the internet after that I look for whatever information I want such as opening books online and I read it to my heart's content because no one forbids it.

If I go to the library, as we know, there must be someone in the library to look after it and of course there are certain times when the library is open, so if it's outside working hours, the library will definitely be closed. If I'm reading a book, I'll definitely was chased away by the guard and it really disturbed me and I thought if that happened the knowledge that I got after I read the book was all in vain because the unfocused mind whatever I learned disappeared instantly then from that some other factors that I I don't like reading books, even though we can buy traditional books and read them at home, it still costs more and it's complicated to carry around, if not at a certain time, I can't read it, it's very different from online books, wherever I go, always wherever I am, I can open a book. I'm either at work or I'm on vacation of course everything is very easy for me.

Alright friends, maybe today that's all I can tell you about my opinion regarding online books and traditional books and if there are word mistakes in writing I apologize profusely because I write in my regional language, namely Indonesian with the help google to translate into English and that's all from me until we meet again in my next discussion, of course in this beloved community.

NOTE : I write in Indonesian with the help of Google to translate to English



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