Hello there, it's a really great privilege to have you here. It's a new week already and the days are moving really fast, well it's all good so let's dive into what I have for you today, hehe. It's not really easy trying to get people's attention for anything we do, but mind you, it is easy!!! Haha, yes it is one of the easiest things to do actually. If I want someone's attention, all I have to do is do something new and dang!!! I got your attention.


Well, that was kind of an introduction to what I want to write today. My main focus on this blog is on talent and hard work, do I have one or both? Hmm, that doesn't really matter or does it? Nah I'm not sure. Have you ever patronized a work man before? Did he or she did the job to your satisfaction compared to the previous person you patronized? If yes or no, one thing is for sure, you saw a difference from both work men even though they both do the same thing.
Now as a person, we all have been given something that we can do and be really creative about it. People can tell it's US because there is something always unique about what we do, that's a talent and not just talent alone but talent coupled with hard work. I have a talent of doing so many things both relevant and irrelevant, lolz. And I've really enjoyed the benefits for doing anything I find myself doing and because of that, I've seen myself do well in almost everything I do (not all of course).
Right now I'm a full time writer and the truth is, writing was something I never dreamt of doing, not even once because I thought I was not good at it but then when I wrote my first article, I got encouraged by the response I got from people and at that point I was determined to keep getting better. Now I do write a little better than when I started but then, it's my hard work that have been helping me so far, I'm not a talented writer unlike @justfavour and @quduus1 my gee, hehe but then I do put my heart into whatever I do because that's what will actually help me.


Since I'm not a seasoned writer like some others, I just dedicate myself to doing other things that I know I'm really good at and trust me, it's not easy at all but then, @dreemsteem always told her amazing #dreemers to HAVE FUN!!! and that's what I've been doing and it has been working like abracadabra, hehe. I am enjoying the hard work I've been putting into my life as a blogger because I can see really great improvements in my life both online and offline.
The rule is, don't say you can't because you CAN, don't say tomorrow, the word is TODAY, when you think you are not talented, just put in the hard work and watch how you get better!!!

Until next time, remain awesome!!!

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