The love of money is the root of all evil as the Holy Bible has revealed and we can see that so clearly in our world today. Mind you, the Bible never said money in itself is the root of all evil but then it went further to tell us what is evil and that is the love we have for money. Money is essential in our day to day living and we know how hard we struggle when we don't have money, it's not easy at all and that is why when we get the opportunity to acquire money, most of us tend to loose ourselves as our money starts controlling us instead of the other way around.

Now in a scenario where I have a million dollars in my possession I wonder what I would do, well that's the reason for this post, I'm going to be telling us thing(s) that I won't do (it's not in my power though) when I'm blessed with such amount of money. Our world today is filled with so many things that are so enticing to our eyes and even without having so much we just sit at a comfortable place and start acquiring these things in our minds. When we see how people are enjoying all of these things we wish to be in their place or rather we ask so many questions like why are we not the ones in that position.


Having such huge sum of money might bring about so much changes in things that I might not even know about until I get to some point. If there is one thing that I've learned is that money comes and it goes, as we earn, so also we spend, so it is quite foolish of me if I ever do something stupid because of money. Sometimes I'm tempted to keep stacking up my money for what I'm not even certain of, meanwhile there is someone close to me that has great need for my help but then I just turn a deaf ears to their plight. Well, there are some things that I won't do for a million dollars like,

Being too busy to serve God. As easy as it might be when writing it, it isn't that easy when I want to apply it in real life but then, I don't want to fall too deeply into acquiring more wealth or enjoying my money and forgetting God. Serving God in turn means serving humanity, which means I won't hold back to giving no matter how hard it will be. So if I'm given a million dollars, it's a must that people around me or even far from me feels the impact as well.

I won't kill a person because of money, even if it is more than a million dollars. I've seen situations where people fight for who gets the largest shares of a company and other things and they go as far as murdering their own family members just to get what they want. Even if I'm sure that I should be the original owner of something, I will always prefer to let go of it to keep my peace of mind and even that of other. Money is not worth killing someone for because I know there is God who gives freely to whomever he please, so I'd rather keep working and hoping to gain his favor.

In general, I will not do anything that is against the will of God because of money not even a million dollars or more. This is my response as regards this topic, it's easy to write and harder to do but of course it's not impossible.

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!

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