I remember the first time I had to say sorry to my sister because we fought and my aunty said I must apologize to her even when I knew I was not the one at fault, trust me it was very painful but then immediately I said the words "I'm sorry" I felt at ease. I hate saying those words then when I was little because I thought I should only say those words when I'm wrong and not the other way around but I was totally wrong to even think of it that way in the first place.


Saying I'm sorry most times feel like I'm losing something and yes I'm actually losing something and that is my pride. Pride is one thing that we torture whenever we apologize to someone especially when we are not the ones at fault. Over time I had to apologize a couple of times to people who should be apologizing to me, at least that was what I thought but now those actions have helped me understand the fact that I won't lose anything when I say sorry except of course my pride which is a big benefit to me.

It simply means, me saying sorry is beneficial to me than when I'm the one being apologized to but sadly I had to learn that really late as I'm already used to waiting for others to say sorry first. At some point in my life, I had to start helping people not to fall into a position where they will have to tell me sorry because I don't really enjoy hearing people apologize almost every time. But that's something that is really so hard to do because no matter how we try, there will always be someone somewhere who will offend you or who you will offend and the right thing to be done is saying I am sorry.

But there is this thing about some people that know how to say I'm sorry, they most times end up doing something wrong because they know saying sorry is not a problem for them at all. I've had different experiences with people and I've come to realize that there are these set of people around us. They just choose to annoy you and then say sorry which is not nice as it will make most people take those words for granted. Knowing how to say sorry is nice but saying it because you really mean you don't want to do it again is something else entirely.

As a child I didn't really have a good foundation of how to to say sorry when I'm wrong but I had to learn how to because I know it is important. At this point, I would advise us both as parents and guardians to imbibe this spirit in our children and ward, so that as they grow up, they can learn the basics of saying sorry when they offend someone and also how to say I'm sorry when they are not also wrong for the sake of peace.


Below are three reasons why you should learn to say I'm sorry...

  • FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND AND EVEN OTHERS - People sometimes just choose to step on your toes just to make you lose yourself, so sometimes you just have to tell them you are sorry and allow peace to reign, that way they might even feel bad for trying to make you look bad.

  • FOR SELF RESPECT - Sometimes you just have to say sorry for your own self respect. Like the previous reason I gave, there will always be this person who wants to spoil your good name you've worked for, so the best way to avoid such things is by saying I'm sorry because trust me, trying to prove yourself right when you know you are right, is not really worth it sometimes.

  • TO MURDER YOUR PRIDE - This one is my favorite, hehe. When you say I'm sorry, you kill your pride little by little and that is one of the hardest things to do because most of us can't stand it when we feel we are being cheated. We think we are fools when we allow the other person win but the truth is you are not a fool, it just shows that you even more mature than the other person.

Saying sorry works like magic when the one not at fault chooses to apologize first, I know you might not agree with me but I do know it is a fact. And if you don't agree with me, then try it out and see for yourself.

Until next time, stay AWESOME!!!

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