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Studying if not on a daily basis but regularly helps one to be up to date with the happening around the world, it also offer the privilege of growth in the sense that there a topics that one will hardly miss because of the studious habit.

The world is growing and some things are looking so outdated that when you do it you will be seen as someone who is still behind bars when it comes to development.

When it comes to reading, I still prefer my old rugged way of reading to the modernized or should I say studying. Eeeeh, I know what you are thinking just wait small you will see to my reasons.

When I want to study it gives me more pleasure to use of hardcopy book to run my studies for several reasons, the first of which is

  • It helps me maintain focus: Reading with my book at hand helps me to maintain good focus. If it was to be the ebook there is this tendency that that spirit will say, open that message that just popped up, and before you know it will spend like 30 minutes there. But with my book at hand, it is not possible.
  • Taking Note of Details: Another is that using my hard cover book will help me take note of the details for reference purposes, but with the ebook, it will be difficult for me to note. I remember severally I have written in my phone notepad and vital things at that but today I can't lay hands on them so that means it is gone and gone forever.

Just that the paper book covers lots of space 🌝. When I was much younger I buy books a lot. Casting my mind back to when I was in the university when you come to my room, my books have the highest space and when I was going after graduation carrying them was not so easy and I don't have to give them out. Then getting home while I was off for my youth service small the books including my project of miss managed. To date, I have not retrieved my school project and the only way I can do that is by going back to the school to check or ask my project supervisor my plan is to Conti with the topic during my master's as it will serve as a build-up.

This is the major disadvantage of keeping a hardcover book or even in the case of a fire disaster, everything will just go that way. What I have resolved to do now is to have a backup of my hardcover books. I read my hardcover and my soft copy is in my mail for easy retrieval or when am not home it will be easy for me to continue with the book.

Well, this is my resolution, I will like to read about yours too. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today, let me know what you think about this post or you can participate in this prompt, just check @kronias latest publication for more details.

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