Smiling At The Storm


The picture is mine

When I think of what people pass through
When I see what they are in
When I feel their happenings

It leaves me with on
Helping out may be far from this
Because you do not have the will
The will without to give a helping hand

There are things that you may not have the way
The way even when you want to
The only help you have to give
Is to speak to who is beyond all

I found myself in this situation
Giving all the counsel as a human
All my counsels worked but a little
I told to the one who is above all

His will prevailed beyond mine
And he made it work the way it did
We have no question about his authority
We have no question about his final decision

We just do not argue than to smile
Smiling over this storm has given us much straight
Because it is just the pain of recovering from the wound
This one storm must be over soon

We will sure give thanks again to the one
The one whose authority is overall
All the lovers will yet give thanks
Because our joy knows no bounds

Inspiration Behind this Poem

When I look around me I see a lot of people going through so many experiences which is humanly beyond their control. As someone who gives her heart to the pain of people, to those I do not have any way of giving help. This situation pains me so much and the only way I feel my help can go to those in this incident is to pray for them to find help in the hand of the maker of all. Most times help shows up for them and they end up rejoicing, though some are not without pain.

Lesson and Final word

This has taught me to always send every need of man to the maker of man even when I feel I can help. No man can receive help if his maker does not send help first. Doing this makes help easier than we can expect.

Thank you for reading and hope you learned something?

Bye for now
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