My Independence Journey

Hello Great Minds, How are you doing?

It's such a privilege to be with you today. I sincerely appreciate all the hands behind this lovely community you are doing so much in making sure that everything is in place. Also to all the members of this community my shout-out to you all.


Welcome to my blog as I will be participating in today's contest. Everyone has a beginning and there is always a story to link every event be it good or bad. Connecting the story is not a bad one at all.

The first time I left my parent's home that lead to me being alone was not committed to a bad event though it got strangely bitter along the line. The event started with the information from my brother for me to apply for a school in the Northern Region in my country then he was servicing. I applied and it was time for the entrance exam, I prepared to travel for this exam. A journey that should have lasted for 18 hours took about 60 hours it wasn't funny at all. Our car got spoilt I the way and we had to wait for it to be fixed before continuing with the journey.

Finally, we arrived then I went for the exam. It happened that I didn't get the admission then I determined to stay back in my seat for another jamb to reapply. Before then my brother went back because he was done with the service and I was left alone.

I started selling some things to help myself. In the process, I learned how to prepare zobo juice, and most people like my juice and always anticipate the day I will produce it.

Being independent is a good thing because it offers the opportunity to taste all the things you have been hearing from your parents. Also staying on my own taught me discipline and self-control because as a young girl with so much innocence if I was not having that ability I would have done some terrible things in wickedness. Being independent has helped me to learn patience and dependence on God. I stayed for an extra year in a strange land before the admission finally came, those times I had to be patient and trust in God to perfect his work in me.

If a man does not have anything to help his focus to be sure anything can sweep him off balance. staying alone is good if you can handle all the pressure that comes with it.

Thank you for reading. Stay positive

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