Good Deeds Turned To Crime

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I was not a witness to a crime but a victim. The story is about to give now happened towards the end of 2013 while I was in school. Thank you to all the Mods, Admins, and members of this community. Please have a Sit as we take this ride together.

When I got to school for my studies far North, it happened that the admission process has gone far and the hostel had a commotion already booked for the session. fortunately, I will say when I got to an office to sign a document a lady also walked in and the man introduced her to that we are from the same place and that she should allow me to stay with her. Before then I was already making plans on getting a house outside but my parents were not in support because I was still new to the terrain.

We started staying together then I noticed the lady with some habit that's it's not friendly at all. A lady will not boarder to cook but when you do she eats and gets out most times complaining about it. I became her house girl. Towards the end of the second semester she was accused of stealing and they decided not to accommodate her for the next session. Later on, I got 5o meet the parents 👪. Because I was not going to stay within the school the next time they agree to let us stay together, I didn't know I was making the worst mistake of my life.

The moment we got to the house outside her wild attitude increased. Hmmm, so towards the end of 2013, I resolved to leave the house for her but at first, I paid for the rent and was to wait but I
Resolved to let go.

One day when I came to visit some of my friends in that compound she framed up with her boyfriends to beat me up. Shaa, you remember how Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus that was how it happened.

What I Did

Some of my police friends said I should take the matter up, seriously I refused because I don't like police cases and my parents were not close to saying they will stand for me and I don't know how to defend myself so much, finally my examination was so close and that was going to be a serious distraction to me. I let go and was not ready to talk about it.

When her parents got to know, the dad 👨 was not happy at all but the mother called and was ranting to me everyone that who supports bad things will see the result later.

She also called my mother and my mother was not willing to talk about it because she didn't see any need to do so. That was how we separated, but the lady did her best to avoid me because she didn't know what was on my mind. After we graduated from school she tried coming so close but I didn't allow that though I have forgiven once beaten twice shy even the mother was trying her best to be close again because she noticed the things I told her that the daughter does is becoming a reality to her.

One serious lesson I got from her is that I should not neglect warning signals and this has guided me through many decisions.

Thank you so much for staying with me to the end. Are you yet to participate in this contest? Wait no more join now, do check the discord channel under the contest announcement for the details or the latest publication in hive learners community for the details.

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