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Many friends get so close to you more than even your brothers. I don't know if I am a friendly person, but I easily flow with people, especially if the person if we are going in the same direction.


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Well, you are my friend, so I welcome you to my blog today as I will be participating in this contest.

Good friends are good especially if they have something in common with you. But in this contest, talking about friendship. These days it has been difficult for people to keep to their friends because of the advent of social media. This particular subject borders me so much.

Can you imagine that the people on the phone(Facebook, WhatsApp, hive, etc) are closer to a man than those in the house? Hahaha, before I got my phone, my husband will get so busy online and will be left alone with my son. It got to a point where I said thank God I have a child. Now we had to talk over it because that was not a good sign for me. When I now got a phone finally, we schedule work time and family time. This I know many people are facing too.

But I believe that there should be a balance to this. What is the balance? Make time for work and time for family and friends. You can deliberately go off from your handset to make your friends feel your presence. It is good to go to a hang out with your family and friends so that you will not lose your relevance

Regarding the work time, when you set a work time, let them know you are at work.

This is my entry for the ongoing contest for the hive learners week 16 edition 2. I wish to read from many authors too.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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