My Splinterlands Journey: Splinterlands Offers Limitless Opportunities

My Splinterlands Journey: Splinterlands Offer Limitless Opportunities
Hello everyone, how are you doing today? This post is not for only players in Splinterlands. It is for everyone who is interested in investment. The Splinterlands game is all about investment.
Rebellion is not all about buying packs to play Splinterlands, it is beyond that. If you are not in a league, you won't know how it goes. That is about the presale of Rebellion.
If you are not a gamer or you have never register or involve in #play2earn games. Don't let the opportunity of rebellion presale slip over you.
You need to take this opportunity so that another opportunity may open to you.
Used opportunities open doors for another opportunity. That is the reason some people don't allow the opportunity to slip over them.
Therefore, if you have been looking for a legit way to invest online, rebellion presale offers that opportunity for you.

What Opportunities Splinterlands offers?

Business opportunities: What is a business? It is the buying and selling of goods and services to make profit.
Hmmmmm! Is there anyone that establishes a business for lost? In my own perception, it is capital 'no'.
I remembered the chaos legion pre-sale, there were many investors who made a lot of money from buying those packs.
I remembered a friend who bought the packs, opened them and sold some of the good cards that he got from those packs. He got his Capital from those cards he sold.
I also remember a friend that bought over 1000 packs, opened them and got a lot of airdrops. From a small player to a big player right now. He is among players contesting for top ten in leaderboard in gold league every season.
This simply means he gets nothing less than 20,000 DEC (Dark Crystal Energy) season with daily focus and monthly rewards.

Reliable investment: I know people are scared of online investment. Some people prefer offline investment- where you get an outlet to sell your products and services. Yeah!! Offline investment is cool but every business is risky; both online and offline business is risky.
For me I like to be a testimony for others; therefore, Splinterlands is one of the surest online investments. I have this confidence because I'm into it.

Financial Freedom: what did I just say? Financial freedom! This is what most people want in this world. Everybody wants to gain financial freedom.
There are people that have gained financial freedom from being in Splinterlands; there are people that escaped debt from being engaged in Splinterlands; there are people that narrowly escaped unprecedented loans just because they had the opportunity to join Splinterlands, there are people that earn more than his salary in the company where he/she employed; there are many people that have achieved a big projects as a result of Splinterlands.
Splinterlands have supported the financial life of some people. This is the reason you don't just have to be a on looker, you have to participate in order to be financially free.

Profitable Business: the aim of establishing a business is to get profit from it. There is no doubt that there are many ways to get profit from the game. Ranging from selling cards to rewards, airdrops and many more.

Conveniency: it is not like a company where you are working with stipulated time. You can work anytime is convenient for you. You can play your game anytime, you can do your business any moment. Even at your leisure time, you can do whatever you want to do once you're connected online.

When playing the game, it is a two-way pleasure: you earn SPS while playing Splinterlands which can be converted to real-world value, and you enjoy the game.
Another improvement of the new airdrops is staking packs. When you stake your packages, you get rewarded by giving cards. That is awesome!

My Splinterlands Journey

I started Splinterlands some years back, precisely 2019. I wasn't an active member due to the technicality of the game. I found it difficult to understand the game because there was no one instructing me what to do.
I never knew that there was a blog for @Splinterlands; until one day I checked the blog post of a player that I joined Splinterlands through him. His posted directed me to Splinterlands blog. After I read his post, toward the end of the post, there was a Splinterlands hashtags that directed me to Splinterlands blog.
When I clicked @splinterlands, it took me to Splinterlands blog where I read many posts about Splinterlands. Then, I came across Splinterlands social media challenge, were I learned strategies to play Splinterlands.
I was engrossed with Splinterlands that very day, I read and watched about 5 social media challenge posts from different players. I went back to Splinterlands website and arranged my monsters just the way I read.
That was the beginning of my victory; I played about 25 battles, and won about 17.
I was very happy with my improvement. Then, the next week, I saw the same player talking about his strategy and I chatted him up.
Hey, can I participate in this social media challenge?
He replied, "yes, the floor is open to anyone that is interested".
My first social media challenge post was 'creepy Ooze'. I used creepy Ooze and talked about it extensively. I sent the post to him for review.
He replied, "your post is incredible".
He made a little adjustment and sent it back to me.
After posting my first post, I earned up to $3.5, that was about $7 upvote. I was very happy because I have never received such an amount.
I was motivated to post more; and that was how I started posting both battle challenges and social media challenges every week.
I was eager to explore, that was how I came across the @clove71 post. From her post I was able to join Splinterlands on discord. I also participated in her giveaway where I won packs and DEC.
This made me continue checking her Splinterlands post every day.

How Long Have I Been In Splinterlands?
Just like what I said earlier; I joined Splinterlands In 2019, toward the end of the year.
I wasn't active at all after I joined because it was hard for me to understand the game.
I did not play Splinterlands for months after registering. Until I started to understand the strategies of Splinterlands, that was how I began to play Splinterlands. Though I was not serious at the beginning but toward the end of 2020; I was engrossed with the game.

Hmmm! After I understood how to battle, I became addicted to the Splinterlands game. I played the game everywhere. I played Splinterlands in the office and out of the office. In fact, I woke early in the morning to play the game before prayer. That was how I knew I was addicted to the game.
There was a day I went for a week of training: we're not allowed to use our phones. Yet, I sneaked out to play Splinterlands.
I can't even say this is particularly the hours I spent everyday because I used every opportunity to play it. There were times I used 8 hours in a day or more; there were times I used 3 hours or more.
This was because I used a computer in my office; and as I was doing office work, I also opened another tab for Splinterlands and hive. Therefore, I spent more than 10 hours online, most of the time, I played Splinterlands.

My accomplishment

At the beginning, my collection power was 5,000. When I saw other players' collection power, I was motivated by their collection power and wanted to be like them.
When I saw that there were higher leagues, I was challenged to play in higher leagues. Because I wanted to play in higher leagues, I started to buy cards with little money I earned.
Though, initially I did not know how to buy packs. That was the reason I bought the cards.
Whenever a particular card was used against me, I went to the market to get that particular card. That was how I continued to accumulate cards.
In the pursuit of becoming big players, my collection power grew from 5,000 to 30,0000; from 30,000 to 90,0000, from 90,000 to 120,0000; from 120,000 to 160,000 till present collection power of about 260,000.
That was how I graduated from novice to silver, from silver to Gold.
My dreaming of playing in higher leagues is still in process, I want to play in champion league. It is just matter of time.

My Upcoming goals

My Upcoming goals are:
Staking 50,000 SPS: this is my target right now. I want to stake as much as possible. If it is possible for me to stake more than 50,000. I will stake it. It is just a process of earning big rewards.

Play in champion league: since I understand how Splinterlands operates, I have been dreaming of playing in Splinterlands. And to play in champion league, one must have a good DEC cards; complete DEC cards is the best. And that is what I am working on gradually. No matter how far it is, I must get there.

Participate in every development: the ongoing development is rebellion. Participate in all these developments will increase my collection power and make me to a become big player. But, I need money to participate in the development which is difficult for me right now due to my target before the year runs out.

In conclusion, I want to advice the beginning that the beginning may not be easy. But make sure you are set goals for yourself. That is one way you can make it here. Actively participate in any development- rebellion, social media challenge, battle mage secrets challenge, Splinterlands TV, twitch, giveaway and many more.

In addition, success doesn't come easily, one needs to work it out. Therefore, I advise you to put all your efforts in it.
If you have not register, it is never too late for you. In fact now is the best opportunity for you. Just like that my friend that read my post on Twitter, and registered without wasting of time. Today, he's enjoying the game.
You can also do like him and register to join. If you want to join, there is a link below this post that will take you to the website to register.
If you want to know more about the Splinterlands game, you will also find many things about the game in Link provided below.
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For more information, I would like you to do your research about the Splinterlands game. You can do that by go to 👉👉👉@Splinterlands blog on hive or click the following link Splinterlands. It would take you to the Splinterlands website page where you can learn about the Splinterlands game.

What are you waiting for friends! Whoever wants to earn passive income, you can get the details of this @play2earn game from @splinterlands blog or click My Referral Link to register. It is a game that provides passive income. It is a game that changed the lives of many people; and I am one of them. @Splinterlands have saved me from debt, borrowing money from banks and cooperatives.
Register today, and you will thank me later.
Do you want to win cards, SPS, subscribe to Splinterlands TV on discord where you can get access to the discord channel.
I stand up for success, and success is not achieved by merely making mouth, No room for laziness, no room for idleness. Success comes to the people who are desperately and consciously searching for it. When it seems unsuccessful or you smell failure around you, never discourage yourself from being successful.
“Discouragement and failure are the two surest stepping stones to success.” - Dale
The pictures in this post are taken from Splinterlands
Thank you for reading my post.
Watch out for the next battle challenge.
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