The fear i'm having


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Good evening wherever you are. Have a nice day and of course you can do the things you like and also what you want wherever and whenever and of course I really hope you are in good health and also successful because if you are in that condition of course you will be able to do things that you love and therefore I hope it is in you right now and of course it is something that is very much expected by people

This opportunity I will of course return to follow one of the very interesting and also very good contexts where this context is certainly organized by one of the very active communities, namely Hive Learners where of course they indeed hold interesting contests every week and are also very tired of making we are happy to review it because the themes they display are very good and also interesting to post.


in the previous section I have also participated in the contest and on this occasion the theme of the contest is fear, fear is a word that is of course very bad and also very bad in my opinion because the things we fear will become or make our psychology a little disturbed by these things, especially if there is a certain connection with these words and sometimes people always challenge their adrenaline or overcome their fear, but some people also fear that it does not make them strong, it makes them weaker, so from That's of course some things we have to pay attention to

  • My fear
    One of the things that scares me is ghosts where of course it is one of the most terrible things for me, therefore I am certainly very afraid of it especially at night when it is raining and that's where the story usually appears and even there has been an invisible figure which of course made me even more scared and this happened when I was staying at school where it happened when I was in school and of course I was very afraid of it,Not only me but my friend also saw those things which were similar to what I saw But he didn't dare to talk about it on that occasion and the next day he just told me that he also experienced the same thing but that's what happened and we certainly be afraid of it if night go to that place again.



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