Pride for being independent


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Good evening friends, how are you doing with me on this occasion Of course I greet you and I hope you are in a good state of success whatever it is and also I hope that you are in good health so that you can do the activities and things you want. want wherever and whenever so that later you become one of the most interesting people.

At this opportunity I was going to return to one of the weekly contests which of course was organized by a very good and also very interesting community called Hive Learners because of course they are very active by giving contests and also different themes for each edition so of course we will be able to explore how these friends and of course those friends are very interesting for us to discuss


As for the contest theme in this content, of course, it is called pride, which is one thing that is of course a matter of pride for myself and also this is one of the things that of course can motivate friends and other people so far of course they can live and also enjoy their life well.

  • Pride
    pride for myself is that I was able to get this far with the help of my parents and since I was in school of course I have been independent and that is one of the main assets that I am very proud of so that I can also study with the results of my own independence and of course that It's a pride for myself because I certainly don't burden my parents financially and it's a simple pride that I have And it also makes me feel happy and proud so far because it's certainly One of the things that keeps me moving so far without stopping

  • attempted
    Apart from pride, of course, the results I've gotten so far are of course thanks to my own efforts but because I've made this an honor which of course can be one of the most interesting things I've had no difficulties so far because of the pride I've had to do is not to burden my parents and maybe also the prayers of my parents who have made me this far and like in the future.

That's my post on this occasion. Hopefully friends can like it and can also provide input and criticism to me because I certainly really like it when someone criticizes constructively because it is one of the most interesting things.



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