Avoiding Fake News


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Good afternoon friends wherever you are I hope your days are very pleasant and of course you can do various things that you like and also what you want wherever and whenever and I also don't forget to remind me that you must be in good health to be able to maximize the potential that exists within you and that is something that people really want

On this occasion I returned to take part in one of the things or contests which of course was organized by one of the very interesting communities and of course very worthy to be followed because they present contests with different nuances and also with different titles and of course I am very interested to take part, therefore there is this opportunity I will return to the contest which of course I also participated in the previous contest.


As for the community called Hive Learners, of course they present a very interesting theme to review on this occasion, namely fake news, where this is fake news. Of course, many people are trapped because of the fake news country, people will easily believe it, especially in an era that is so easy. this of course people will be very easy to get all information from anywhere, therefore if we are not smart to change it of course we will be stuck in the news

  • Fake News
    In this modern era we will find it easy to get information from various media and also various platforms that already exist and of course the perfume is very much at this time therefore it would be nice if we did get information from a media of course we have to do verification first to get clear information or we can also go through or open sites that already have credibility so of course we won't get bad information there and that's what of course I recommend to friends so as not to be exposed to false information both online and offline.I've had fake information a few times scattered on Facebook and also on telegram where of course they spread information with a very messy website and of course with domains that I don't think are credible and of course I immediately ignore the news which of course would make my emotions affected because of the news so I of course immediately deleted the link and of course blocked the person who shared the information with me That's what I did



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