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Hello friends, it's a new week and I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We have entered week 47, edition 1 of the @hivelearners prompt.

At some point in life even the best in any field was once an amateur. It takes consistent practice to be the greatest. An amateur might also be termed a Novice. It simply signifies someone who is studying or not properly knowledgeable.
Even as kids we were born beginners. Our first instruction began at home where we started crawling, walking and eventually talking. It was a process and needed time with the capacity to learn that's where we are today. There was nobody who was born a master (Mr Know All)

Even in @hive we were once an amateur. We studied via several beginner communities and met friends who took us through hive laws and regulations and now we are even competent at educating the present newbies.
I can recall in 2020 I knew nothing about crypto. I couldn't even know how to acquire a coin while I was just hearing about Cryptocurrencies. I originally became fascinated when I observed a buddy who purchased a coin and it pumped so hard that he earned over 200%. Who doesn't enjoy profit? 😂😂. Immediately I asked him how to go about it. He began providing me with a list of currencies that he thinks would perform well. I purchased several of them. Since I didn't know how to trade, I was only a long-term investment. Since there was no more funding I began performing airdrops and mining of projects that I knew would go well. That's where the love of cryptocurrencies grew.

Last year when I joined hive, my understanding about crypto widened. When I joined the @leofinance community. I began reading several posts. Specific contests from some communities inspired me to do research about crypto related things. The moment I joined I was only saving my HBD . I truly did not want to sell to any vendor so I asked a buddy to tell me how to transfer my hive to my binance account and sell. He did and I learned that. Then I understood how to convert to USDT to sell on P2p..

I remember when I began crypto, sometimes while speaking with my pals there, sometimes I would be even embarrassed to ask questions that would make me go online to explore it. I have experienced many scams as a beginner and lost money but I chose to be patient since I know one day crypto would cover my expenses.

The excellent part about knowing all these is that it's an extra advance to me that helps me complete all my transactions all by myself. I also joined a group that taught me futures trading.
Although I am still learning and I know cryptocurrency is extremely big and covers more than this but am sure I am not an amateur like I was 4 years before.

What I'm still learning

I began learning graphics designing late last year when I acquired my system. But I am not yet perfect there. Immediately I began the strike but now at school I seldom practice due to classes. I truly want to be competent in graphics designing for maybe getting freelance work as an additional source of money.

Thank you for reading

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