Staying In An Urban Area Would Be Better

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Ending the week, it's the 3rd and last edition of the @hivelearners weekly prompt.

Everyone wants to be born in the city where life is lively but then we can't decide where we can be born in a city or a village but what we know is wherever we find ourselves we should improve ourselves there.
Life in the city can be interesting because you tend to find a lot of opportunities and joy unlike the rural or village. They are mostly self-employed with farming.


I wasn't born in my village though, I live with my parents in a semi urban area which can be called a city too.When i say Semi-Urban i mean it's a combination of a rural and urban area. That's not where I am really from but my parents relocated from our village before I was born and currently staying here. The reason why I called it a semi urban area is because there are people who are the origin of this place but then due to relocation as a result of jobs or people finding greener pastures they tend to come over and then civilization starts. I can't stay in a typical village but a city.
I live in an area called Eligbolo in Port Harcourt. I really don't know why it was named that or the meaning of the name tho and am not interested in that 😂.

This area is located in one popular place in PortHarcourt. It is easily accessible and not hard to locate. I love this place because there is a constant power supply. I think that's the only reason I like it here. I really don't like it here because houses are just congested and not much privacy. Although the house where we live is not built by my dad, we live in a rented apartment. I really like big houses and well ventilated area.I also hate the fact that my area is populated with people, sometimes I just know a few people. My house is also close to the road and it's noisy here especially in the daytime.
Although it's work that my parents bought where we stay currently.

There's an area in PortHarcourt which they call GRA (Government Resident Area) . That place is known for wealthy and government officials. Houses there are quite expensive there.
It won't be bad if I live there and if I get the opportunity to change my area, I am going to live there. In that area, the houses are like an estate. Every person in his or her apartment even has a gate. The neighbors minding their business.
The roads leading to that area are always good and the security is tight.
Noise pollution is highly prohibited and you can even get arrested if you disobey. Even churches build sound-proof buildings so their noise won't disturb the environment. There can also be disadvantages of living in places like that. They pay heavy fees for security, light.

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