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Hello friends, I hope you are doing fine?
This is a new week and I wish you the absolute best of it.
It's another weekly prompt of the @hivelearners community and am pleased to be engaging in the edition 1 of week 45.

No matter the sort of affection you get, self-love is always the best. Despite hectic schedules, is it wise to take yourself out once in a while. We all need that self love and we don't need someone to constantly provide it. Like they say you need to love yourself first before someone can love you.
Self-love is not only about treating yourself nicely or taking yourself out; it also requires embracing and appreciating oneself, having confidence in one's skills, and treating oneself with compassion and respect.


I honestly don't enjoy going out that much. I prefer purchasing my stuff and coming home to eat them, however the last time I took my out was on Christmas Eve. I really don't enjoy going out on the 25th of December and 1st January because of how busy the place will be.

That day I was at home and feeling sorta bored after helping out with preparing what would cook on the 25th . I contacted my buddy and we should go out. Going alone was going to be boring so you simply need a gist buddy. Luckily she was less busy and we met at the nearest trademark.
We went to Domino's pizza. This is one of the top and well selling pizza place in Nigeria where we have the cold stone ice cream firm also. It has truly been my goal to travel there because I heard so much about the restaurant and I really wanted to gain an experience there and know what their pizza and ice cream tastes like.
We arrived there about 7pm(Nigeria time) due to traffic congestion and delay of what I was doing at home. The transportation has increasing but i was happy i was with more cash than I imagined.

[Image taken by me using my phone]

The eatery was extremely amazing, the part where they sell ice cream was fairly different from the pizza side. I ordered two pizzas, the smallest one that valued roughly ($2) and I was instructed to wait while it prepared. Then I went to grab ice cream and that cost roughly $3 for each cup. We were asked to select the taste and so I chose chocolate and vanilla. It was a fantastic combo nonetheless.
I have to start having ice cream as I wait for pizza to be prepared. After a few minutes the cashier drew my attention and I proceeded to take the pizza. It was so hot that it nearly scorched my mouth 😂. I absolutely liked every part of it that I took myself out with the little money I had. I always desire to come there and at least I did

It was already late that we wouldn't remain any more. I wouldn't actually snap images of myself since it was pretty late and I was busy going for an errand. My mom requested me to give something to my older sister who also lives in Port Harcourt and since it wasn't very nice walking too late at night in her region.
The traffic congestion that evening was so bad that we had to travel a bit simply to obtain a taxi.
I returned home about 10pm and immediately took my bath and went to bed since I was pretty exhausted and the following day was church which was 25th December.

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