How Social Media Has Treated Me

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Social Media had taken over the globe. Everyone in one way or the other is registered on social media platform or the other.
Even hive works to be like a social media where we interact with individuals far and close. The only difference is that we have been paid for blogging and it is build on web 3 and hence cannot Chat privately with people.


Chatting has done many positive things for me.

Able to connect with people and create new friends

One wonderful thing conversing on social media has done was helped me connect with friends and meet new ones. It helps you eliminate boredom and keep you in contact with friends and family members who are far away. Technology also developed a manner where you may have a video call with someone extremely distant even in a another country. You do not need to personally see them.
Also, chatting has allowed me to connect with new people who have truly helped me. I have connected with business partners on Twitter who have assisted me with money-related concerns.

The beautiful thing about social media and chatting is that you do not necessarily have to have data or credit. You may even talk on several social media sites for free thus making it very simple to interact with buddies.

Severally Scammed
In as much as we have many wonderful things social media has done to me, there are also harmful ways it has been to me.
Sometimes I simply feel like shutting down and staying off it for a bit.
One negative thing is that I have been duped repeatedly on social media accounts.
The last scam encounter I had was when I saw an advertisement for a class and I decided to join the program.

They behaved so genuinely with multiple withdrawal alerts. It was not a kind of investment but a skill to learn and they showed how many individuals have been rewarded for giving that service.
I opted to learn the skill too I paid I was banned on my social media handle and my money gone.
The painful part was that i hard to borrow the money.

Maybe I wouldn't have joined the WhatsApp group or noticed the ads if I wasn't on social media.
Most fraud comes via social media and if you are not vigilant, you could fall Victim. Decided not to pay money to anybody I don't know personally or click any suspicious link that may let them simply trace the data of my phone.

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