A Million Dollars Doesn't Worth Me Doing This

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Hello friends, welcome to a new week. I hope this gives us something good.
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This is the edition 1 of week 46 prompt.

Who doesn't enjoy money? Over 80% of our difficulties in life may be solved with money. Money can be spirit and if not managed may produce a bad impact. When I initially saw the topic this week I promptly needed to check my calculator. In my Country, we useNaira therefore I had to convert one million dollars to naira and with the current exchange rate which is $1/ #746 that would give me roughly 746 million. That's truly a great amount of money that will offer me my ideal life. I will even give my generation wealth if wisely spent.


Seeing that amount of money or offer may be appealing but there are some things I won't do provided that I was offered the opportunity.

Kill: One thing I won't do even when I am given that much money is to murder. There's nothing I appreciate more than my peace of mind. So having my fantasy life with that sort of money when I don't have peace is not worth it. My conscience will always condemn me for that and I can't stain my hand for that type of money. I have heard stories of ritualists who admit that ghosts of the people they murder chasing them and the hilarious thing is that they don't live long to enjoy that money. Some individuals go to the level of murdering their mom or dad or any of their relatives only because they want to be rich. They die early and although they are living the money doesn't go for anything acceptable.

Steal: Most individuals have immersed themselves in online fraud only to acquire that amount of money. I realize things are really not simple but I would never engage myself in stealing someone else's hard earned money simply because I desire that type of money. I have been scammed multiple times and I know the feeling when things are taken from me, I wouldn't want someone else to face that. I can't engage in arm robbing or abduction to earn that type of money.

Prostitution: Trading my body for that amount of money is something I would never know. It is more prevalent among females. In my school it appears to be a method most females earn their money. I'm not against people who do that sort of employment but for me I would never see myself doing it. It might even give you sickness that can cost your life and make you spend your money treating yourself.
I have also heard about instances of rape and females who are unfortunate and enter hand of ritualists who engage themselves in such conduct.

Drug trafficking:
Involving oneself in drug trafficking is something I won't undertake for that amount of money.You may spend all your life in prison or maybe die if found guilty.


Patient and hardwork is the only way to have a happy and satisfying life. Any way of acquiring money that won't make you happy and provide you peace of mind doesn't value it. Even if you are not living your best life now, participating in unlawful acts to get money may have its regrets later.

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