Breaking The Circle Of Addiction

The argument of alcohol being banned in my country is one that would linger on for as long as the world exists because I don't see it getting banned anytime sooner or later, why? If you live in a country like mine, you would observe that one of the highest-selling businesses is alcohol, to make it worse, it is very affordable and accessible as it now comes on sachets.

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Remember I stated very accessible and that's literally speaking, I was baffled when I watched a foreign movie some years back and saw how a high school student wasn't allowed to buy alcohol unless he showed his ID card to prove that he was indeed above the age 21 which was the accepted age to get alcohol in that country, I was very impressed that such a law existed and even business owners stayed true in following the law not minding the profit they would have made if they sold to underage customers.

Coming back to my country, the case is totally different as early as a child is wise enough to go on an errand, irresponsible adults don't care about sending a little child even as low as 5 years to help them in buying alcohol neither are the sellers interested in who will be consuming the drinks, even cigarettes, as they hurry to sell their goods to anyone and everyone.

The result is why we see so many jobless and irresponsible youths on the street who live a life of addiction, some who can work, work for the sake of getting a refill of drugs or alcohol just to maintain that highness or feeling cool as they term it, while the jobless ones can go to any length, stealing or extorting money from people to feed their drug or alcohol addiction, which further proves that none is any better than the other, as they both lead to addiction, poverty from feeding their addiction and more possible mental illnesses as we have seen different bad event unveil in the past.


Although some people might argue that alcohol is still better off if taken in moderation but judging from the percentage of adults that indulge in alcohol intake, you would observe that the higher percentage hardly sticks to the moderation rule, since alcohol intake is mostly influenced by peers, excitement or depressed feeling for some, in a bid to impress the urge, they end up taking more than they can handle.

As for drug intake, this is already banned in my country, still, people find illegal means of getting access to them, and there is even nothing like moderation in this case as a tiny amount can even disorientate the mental state of individuals that indulge in them.

If I have my means, rather than banning, I wish alcohol selling could be more regulated, starting with not selling to minors, also restricting the number of alcohol bottles sold per person, and more adverts showcasing the health risks of indulging in this temporary highness, from kidney and liver damage to mental disorder, letting victims share their stories to dissuade others indulged, hopefully, this might help reduce the high rate of alcohol consumption and eradicate totally hard drug usage in my country.

Will this effect make the society better? I'm sure it will, no more we will be seeing jobless Nigerian youths at every bus stop looking for who to loot from to get their next alcohol or drug refill, instead of thinking about getting high at all times, I guess they would better use that time in bring productive in a positive manner.

Thank you for reading.❤❤

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