🏆 Awarding my best and worst teacher of all-time

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Teachers are the most important profession in the world as they are responsible for shaping the lives of everyone from doctors, politicians, engineers, etc they also act as assistant parents, but sadly, they are the most looked down upon career of all. If you select ten students and ask them what they will like to be in the future, hardly will you hear even one aspiring to be a teacher in the future. The reason is not far-fetched, ranging from;

Very low income

For the kind of job they do, trust me it isn't easy as I've tried my hands on being a teacher at one point in my life, teaching is one of the most stressful and time-consuming jobs, but they are paid less, compared to the job they do and the time they spend, which make their job unattractive and frustrating at times, therefore some of them transfer such aggressions to the student.

These few bad ones are the ones who are not passionate about the job but had no choice but to do it, probably due to not seeing any other jobs or some youth corps forced to serve the country for one year compulsory, some of them don't care about teaching or imparting knowledge or are just simply lazy.

That being said, to be a good teacher, you must be vast in knowledge and not limited to the subject you teach, emotional intelligence, crowd control and a bit of knowledge in psychology are some of the vital qualities needed as a teacher. I've been opportune to be taught by numerous teachers right from my kindergarten days to being in the tertiary institution, for today's post, if given the opportunity to grade them, I will like to focus on my secondary school teacher as they leave the most significant impact in us compared to any other stage of education.

My Best teacher

The award for my best teacher goes to....My mathematics teacher with a mark of 10/10, mathematics was supposed to be the hardest and most unattractive subject according to the stories I hear, but this man made it really enjoyable for me, breaking down solutions to mathematical problems into the simplest forms, he made us understand that the complexity of mathematics is just the aggregation of simple ones, my foundation in maths was on a very strong foundation and this has been of great help to me, even now. Although he was very strict but passionate about what he taught, I feel students that didn't like him were the unserious ones who had already decided in their minds that they can never understand the subject, because his style of teaching is the coolest and simplest I've ever seen so far. The reason why I can never forget Mr. Sylvester, my mathematics teacher.

The Worst teacher

The award for the worst teacher goes to, sadly, My Yoruba teacher, trust me, I was excited when I got admitted into Junior Secondary school and was told we were going to be taught some language, Yoruba precisely, since I already understood some minor yorubas, I thought I won't have problems with this subject, after all, it's for us to learn the language more, but the universe had other plans and brought the most wicked woman to teach us this subject, that even students from yoruba tribe thatttt speak the language at home were scared of her, she made us understand on the first day of her class that she was the devil's mistress let loose to release hell on us, she speaks yoruba from the beginning of the class to the end, not minding if you are from other tribe and might require some interpretations in between to understand her better, you are not permitted to ask questions in english language, and when she ask you a question and you don't understand, her long whips were always ready to land on your back, our back really suffered in her class, we all hated her, the moment it was her period, the students that had mind flies off the window as she comes in, just writing about her sends chills down my spine. She deserves the award for wickedness, being uncaring, and a very bad teacher.


I think the teaching profession works well with those that are passionate and committed about it and being very harsh as a teacher will not help in instilling knowledge into a child, but instead fear and hatred.

This post is in response to the hive learners weekly contest, week 53, edition 2.

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