Getting More Women On Crypto

Data from other crypto-related platforms indicates a huge inequality in terms of information, access, and usage of these exchanges and decentralized social platforms like the Hive blockchain. I believe Hive like many crypto-related platforms, is dominated by males who in my estimation would constitute about 90% of users. I extrapolate this percentage based on the number of users I have come across on Hive who are usually males.

Reasons Females Are Underrepresent On Blockchains like Hive

  • The negative associations and Time Constraints
    The negative connotations associated with crypto-related trade as being a scam and being used by money launderers make it difficult for women to explore the community since their nature is not adventurous and risk takers. this is by no means to say that women are not good investors or cannot compete with their male counterparts. Women are careful in whatever they invest in and as such would not like to take the risk of being on a platform frost with misconceptions. Even though Hive is a social network, it still operates with the crypto format through a decentralized reward system. However, it is difficult to tell people(females) that, unlike other crypto networks, Hive is more of a social platform like Facebook with just a little difference.

  • Time constraints of women are another key factor that hinders their participation in Hive since one needs more time to understand certain terminologies and how the platform operates. The busy schedules of women coupled with their gender roles ascribed to them by society make it difficult for them to make enough time to be making posts all the time on the platform.

  • Low Women in STEM-Related Fields
    The Science, Technical, Engineering, and Mathematics field serves as the foundations of all these crypto platforms of which Hive is not an exception. But the truth is that women are underrepresented in these fields making it difficult for other young women who are entrepreneurs to invest and enter into crypto-related kinds of stuff. This puts women at a disadvantage position compared to their male counterparts who are seen at the forefront of STEM education. The lack of knowledge force women not to adopt blockchain platforms.

What Needs to Be Done

  • Massive Education Targeting Girls in Primary School*
    I believe there should be a deliberate attempt by every member of the blockchain platform to promote the platform to women. Government and investors alike can target young girls, particularly those at the primary level, and get them to learn more about blockchain technology.

  • Encouraging Women into STEM Education
    Women should be encouraged to go into STEM education particularly, ICT which serves as the nexus for Hive operations. This would serve as a role model to the upcoming ladies to adopt and emulate those they look up to. The World as a whole should make conscious efforts to help women bridge the STEM gap to help motivate them to adopt platforms like Hive.

No society can exist without the enormous contribution of its women. May we be able to bridge this gender disparity.

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