The burning tanker; a hero emerged.



Not all heroes indeed wear capes, and it is so annoying that not every hero gets the celebration they deserve. The world is so big and a day won't pass without the world experiencing one tragedy or the other, some of these tragic incidents have produced heroes while some didn't and no one is to be blamed because most heroic acts require someone putting their life or something very precious to them on the line just to save a lot of things.

My mom will always be my hero every day and night but this isn't about my personal life, this article has to do with heroism on a bigger scale. Putting one's life on the line for something we believe to be worth more than our life is a huge thing for me because I believe that nothing is worth more than my life but people who have become heroes today do not see things from that perspective. It sometimes doesn't have to be about someone putting their life on the line, it could be giving up something very important to us for the good of others.


In my short time in the world, I have seen some horrific scenes fire has caused. In the past, fuel tankers have wrecked a lot of damage and it is a relief that we usually don't hear the news of this happening frequently like before.

There was a time over hundreds of lives and cars were lost in Lagos due to a tanker explosion, I couldn't hold back tears seeing photos on the Internet. The government took measures against the occurrence repeating itself but it didn't work out because we still had more of it.


Just on Friday, someone averted an occurrence that we could have called a catastrophe in Delta state. His action prevented the country from observing a national mourning day, a man named Ejiro Otarigbo was the hero for the day and his heroic act has marked his name in the heart of many.

According to the story, the man was seen driving a burning tanker loaded with petrol away from a residential area. Eyewitnesses claimed the man with the name above drove over 500m to ensure that the tanker doesn't completely burst into fire in a residential area and he didn't just drive a tanker but a burning tanker.

I held my breath while watching the video because I didn't know how it ended until I saw the end, that he drove the burning tanker into an open field where there wouldn't be any damage except for the tanker burning.

Link the video of the burning fuel tanker

He saved lots of life and property at the risk of his own life, this is not something we see every day and he could have just jumped out of the fuel tanker when it started burning to save his own life but his act of bravery was a rare one.

The video didn't show if the driver survived so I went digging around, I was happy to know that he didn't lose his life while trying to save others. Although he sustained injuries from the heat and flames, it is still better than him losing his life. You will agree with me that Ejiro Otarigbo is a hero and he will be remembered by many people in the Agbarho community that could have turned into a burning hell if not for his heroic act.


We aren't sure about anything in life, there are decisions we just have to take in life regardless of how difficult they may be. It is not necessarily about becoming the people's hero, it could be about yourself.

The steps look risky but they might be your key to a breakthrough, it is not about driving a burning tanker only; you might just make the move with faith, and if it doesn't work out, you pick yourself up and try again.

You wouldn't be sure of the result if you don't give it a try, I am sure the driver doesn't know how it will end but he moved with faith, not for a selfish reason, and it turned out to be a success.

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