traffic jam is so nerve-wracking

Traffic jam a large number of vehicles close together and unable to move or moving very slowly-Cambridge English Dictionary

Traffic jam not only hinders your movement but also affects your mental health. Living in a big city is sure exciting but like everything else, there are some disadvantages to living in a big city.


As a person living in a big city, Lagos to be precise, the home to all crazy traffics in the world I have had my share of traffic jam but a major event to date still stand as the worst experience I have so far with traffic jam


The day started like any other day, better than most days I would say. I was granted the afternoon off and left the office around 2 pm. I had a schedule plan for that day, the things I needed to do once I got home. From my office to my apartment shouldn't take me more than 1 hour lesser even. I took an Uber(my worst mistake) thinking I was going to get home early. When we got to the Obalende bridge, we met a traffic jam. I was thinking that the traffic was not going to be that long. But I was in for a shock, 30 mins turn into 1 hour then 2 hours. I was in that traffic for more than 4 hours. It was 6 pm and I was stuck in traffic inside Uber, we were moving at snail's speed, all through this time my mind was calculating my charges. On norms, the trip should cost $9 but it was evident I will be paying more than that, the Uber was counting (why was it even counting) oblivious to my pain.

The traffic eases up around 6:30 pm, only for me to get to Ikeja to meet another fresh traffic.


I was already boiling inside, I was mentally unstable, and I was hungry. I left Ikeja around 8:30 pm and got home around 10 pm that day. I paid the Uber man $40 for a trip that was supposed to be worth $9, I was mentally drained.

I have never witnessed such horror of traffic in my life, it was crazy. I was frustrated with the money I should have used for about 5 trips of Uber I used it only on one trip, i was dying inside. It was a terrible day for me

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