A Short Story From My Life..!

Salam Everyone

It would be like this in everyone's life.
When I was little and I was in second grade in a small school in a small town in a small town. Then there were a lot of desires like I wanted to grow up as soon as possible and go to a big class, live school, college life, etc...


My life story from childhood to adulthood.

-----------------------Life Story---------------------

Why we rush to school when we are children and when we try to get out of school from primary school to high school and from there to college?
In fact, we do not run away from school to get rid of our studies, but we are in a hurry to move from one class to another in the race of life.
But we all know that life grows with time, we grow with time. So why do we want to rush through life?
In fact, we don't value our lives and time, we don't value our friends, we don't value our surroundings, we don't value our teachers.
The reason is that we do not miss all these things at the moment. We miss those things, we value those things when we leave that time, those friends, the place where our childhood, our life was spent, leaving them all alone after life has come so far. Sitting somewhere in the world, they are remembering the moments in their lives.
But then we have left behind something that was very important but we did not know its importance. Lane is nothing but regret and crying at this time.

"Time To Time I'm Crying"

I hope you like my post



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