Wasted My Time On Hive?

Have always had a knack of making proper use of my time. One of my passions is making good use of my precious time. If I have any project whatsoever I am working on, I always plan ahead to meet up with deadlines. I don't know if it's a gift but I am just so good at it.

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During my University days am always the first when it comes to time management, woke up early, among the first student in class for lectures, always the first to attend meetings, the first to finish reading for exams and writing some, the first to finish a project, and the first to meet up with appointment, oops! I already wrote that.

I love my time and if I am not using it, I am spending it, if I am not spending it, I am expanding my knowledge with it through writing or research, and have never had lapses nor mistakes. But perfection always makes mistakes. Recently I realized I have been wasting my time on a particular project I have been working on for good five years and it keeps pissing me off each time I think about it.

Am not supposed to share this here, as embarrassing as it may sound, but I have made a note to keep no secrets from Hive, so here it goes.

2018 I had a dream, a goal, or should I say a mission, and that was to gain financial freedom, through rendering service, giving out value and having fun. My main reason was to help others who need help the best way I can.

I was 21 then you can imagine the irony, "a 21 year old seeking financial freedom with touch and candle". Nothing else matters, I was ready to do anything just to accomplish my dream and I mean anything.

For the past 5 years have been combing the internet just to accomplish my goal, During those times have been wasting it on malicious sites for a whole year, moved over to affiliate marketing, bought a training kit of 108k didn't work out for 4 months, moved to ponzi scheme was duped, then to survey sites, writing for blogs for minor fee, and then onto the next thing and the next and the next….. I was in a dark circle with no end and time seems to be moving pretty fast.

Nothing seems to be working out, I wanted to accomplish my dream before I clock 30, I wanted to be able to gain passive income but yet am going nowhere with this.

After my schooling and service year, I Got a job as an HR 2020. My pay was ok, at least I got partial financial freedom but not passive income. I was still working for my money instead of the other way around. So I continued my search.

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Most of my pay was used to help families and friends in need, once in two months gave to the less privileged and paid homage to God, I went back to the internet and I continued searching for passive income, that was when I found Hive.

Have known Hive for 2 years now, but after much deliberation i decided to give it a try and joined last year, at first it wasn't what i was expecting and at that same time my boy was just 3 weeks old, the whole motherhood thing was still new to me, I had to dropped Hive making the biggest mistake.

After that I went on and continued wasting my time searching for passive income online. I saw a platform where they promised to double your investment x10, poured a whooping 80k in and was duped. Hey! News flash if it's too good to be true, then it's not true at all.

I had no were else to go and wasted 5 years seeing the same old bullshit on the internet. That was when it dawned on me. I abandoned Hive for 6 months so I decided to go back to it. For 3 months I studied Hive, getting to know it much better to see if it was really what I have been searching for.

Without commenting on posts, nor posting, I read others' success stories, how hive have helped them gain passive income by just being consistent and patient. A friend told me about this once when I first joined but I didn't listen. I read thons of stories about how others made it from scratch.

I mean It's not as if they had super powers like Black Adam and Wonder women, nor did they have a cape like good old Doctor Strange, or got lots of hairs like medusa. They were ordinary people like me, so what the hell is wrong with me? If they can do it, why can't I?

After much investigation, and learning. I regret wasting 5 good years of my time on the internet and wasting extra 6 months on Hive doing absolutely nothing, i mean think about it, if i had found Hive then 5 years ago, and apply this formula i would have gotten to dolphin by now, or maybe if i had invested those money i was duped online on hive engine tokens or Leo i know the impact that will make for me and others.

Have been ignoring my mission, rendering service, giving out value, helping others, meeting people, making friends, I was just blinded doing it all wrong and the other way around. During the years I have been looking for a shortcut towards passive income but there have and will always be none.

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Finding hive I realize investing your time on rendering service, giving value, putting a smile on someone's face, helping others, supporting them, being committed, consistent, patience, and just focusing on the fun. That, that, my friend is your passive income right there.

The sooner I become aware of all this the better I start making proper use of my time. In every mistake having awareness is the very lesson. I quit on Hive before because I didn't have the awareness how helpful it can be.

Right now I have taken Hive to be my beloved husband and am gonna walk down this journey with it till death do us part, for better or worse. I mean what do I have to lose? Absolutely nothing.!

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