How I Nearly Died Of Depression Without My Lovely Phone📴📵

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I don't know about you, but for me, my phone is my better half, best friend forever, my companion, my greatest teacher, and my University.. It's like I am married to it.. And I bet most, if not all of y'all feel that way towards your phone too.

I mean let's pause for a moment and think about it. Whenever we're down our phone lightens us. When we're traveling our phone is always there keeping us company. When we're sad, lonely and have a bad day, our phone is there to make us laugh and put a smile on our faces.

When we're soooo mad and furious our phone is there to listen to us and calm us down. When we're around boring people, parties, friends and places, our phone is just there to engage us. And When we're taking a walk our phone is in our pockets walking with us. Our phone is there when we cry, smile, happy, sleep, eat, bath, play etc. Now tell me what sort of friend will be So patient with you and be there for you without getting tired of your troubles?? I'll tell you "None"

Image by Darian from Unsplash.

Some of us even operate our phones when cooking, washing, eating and sleeping, literally we are addicted to phones and we can't do anything about it. It's already part of us..

My worst days and myself are whenever my phone gets stolen, lost or spoiled, I always find every possible means to make sure I get it back online, and I never stay without my phone for a week or two, in order not to die of hypertension.

I remembered when my phone got spoiled, I looked so awful, it was as if I just lost someone close to me. In Fact I got So sick thinking of so many things, how to repair it or how to get a new one.. I wasn't myself, couldn't eat or sleep. I suffered insomnia for a good straight 1 week. Sickness got so bad my dad had to surprised me with a new phone.

To me my phone is my life.. Don't get me wrong, I can cope without it just alright. Maybe just maybe by meditating and building up my spiritual life. I know it sounds crazy. But if I can dedicate the one week into reading spiritual books, meditating and praying then that week will go just perfect for me. Only if I get my precious phone right back after the one week has passed.

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