We are beautifully made by God, But development, technology and other environmental factors have made us reduce our self-esteem amongst others. A picture is a reflection of How we look.

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Greetings everyone and welcome to my blog. This week's topic has originality in it and I intend give my honest opinion.
I love taking pictures, and being a blogger has increased my desire for picture-taking.

When you take pictures of yourself, do you apply filters to make yourself look better?
I have two answers to this question, YES and NO
Yes, I do apply filters when I take personal pictures. I apply filters to make myself look better and because it's a trend in society I don't want to be left out.
Many years ago, I was gifted a Samsung smartphone, then filters were not known in phones but when you have a high-quality phone like an iPhone, Blackberry or a Samsung phone, your picture quality would be very fine without filters.
Then all the pictures I took were very clear and beautiful and you could tell I use a very good phone from the pictures I displayed on my social media. it didn't last for a very long time because the battery was always running low and I couldn't get a replacement battery in my country Nigeria.

No, I don't apply filters when I take personal pictures for business purposes because I indeed to present originality in the quality of my product, to enable the end users to gain the satisfaction of quality and trust to patronize me.
Technology has made picture quality better and affordable, you don't need to get a very expensive phone to get a good quality picture all you need is to download the picture application on your smartphone and you get a good quality picture. Although, those Higher quality phones give a higher-quality picture.

Do you feel there is anything wrong with this?
I now understand why YES is important as NO is also important.
YES, the use of filters is wrong because it defects the originality of the picture and gives you another colour, size, height and more enhancing effect of the picture.
NO, The use of filters is not wrong because it brings out the beauty in the picture where everyone has the opportunity to look beautiful. The enhancing quality of the picture makes it attractive for all to see and it promotes your charisma

I have had two remarkable experiences with filters in pictures.
Where an old friend started admiring me because I look fair in my pictures but to his greatest surprise, seeing me after many years at a function I attended he was disappointed in my dark colour and never chatted with me again.
Another incident was the pictures and videos of my friend, which made her look slim and fair but to my greatest surprise when I attended her son's birthday she was a little fat and darkish brown.
Filters could do wonders for original pictures.
Thank you for reading.

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