Breaking Free: Embracing Liberation

When we strive for perfection in life, it's important to acknowledge that no one is perfect. Self denial can hides some great personality in us. We all make mistakes. Although, it is through these mistakes and the corrections we make that we can grow and become better versions of ourselves.

I have always known I had a connection with the world of Art but who gets rich doing art? In the society where I come from a woman doing art is believed that she has lost it, also it's not something you see student study in the 90s. "Self-denial is a situation where individuals consciously choose to go against their desires or needs".

During my secondary school days, I found myself at a crossroads when it came to choosing subjects that would determine my academic path in secondary school. The options then were either a science class, a social science class, or an art class. Although I had a genuine passion for art, Despite this, I decided to follow my heart and added Fine Art to my chosen subjects in the social science class. A remarkable event happened in my secondary school where I was asked to come to show the junior student my work and explain to them how it was done. It made me very happy but I still didn't see Art as something for the future.

Despite my passion for art, I found Myself enrolling in a Social sciences course at the university. Deep down, I knew this wasn't the only path for me, but the fear of becoming an artist was my only thought.

I spent Four years in the university studying in the social science department, but I couldn't escape the worried feeling that I was denying myself the truth of my career part.

A year ago my beloved friend told me about HIVE and I was so happy because I could express myself, and showcase my talent and all about myself.
Blogging in the Hive blockchain has been a great experience for me but I got a breakthrough in the #Hivelearners community where they made a post Notification about the Creative-Sunday initiative Which only happens on Sunday, you can explore more of your hidden talents that go beyond just blogging, You showcase your creative sides in arts & sketch, cooking, DIY, collage and meme.
The Creative Sunday initiative was made official on June 29th 2022 and since then I have been a part of it.

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I confronted my fear for Art through the Hive learners creative Sunday initiative and it has been the best and happy side of my life.
I escaped self-denial in the world of Art that has held me back for so long. I now read and watch more on art, creativity and DIY to enable me to become better and share more artwork on my blog.

The joy and feeling of freedom I experience when I share my DIY artworks liberate me from self-denial.
Through this journey, I have learned the importance of embracing My true passions. Life is too precious to be spent denying one's desires for other expectations. I believe my DIY(Artworks) has inspired those around me to pursue their dreams.
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