Understanding Markdown And The Rules On Hive Task2.

Beautiful day, so excited to be part of this task two of the initiative, talking about markdown and the rules that govern hive, this task two, is fun because it is one of the thing that makes hive unique.

I deliberately send my shout out to the organizer, @starstring01 for his patience and how he has taken out his time to teach us what has made him, who he is today.

I also celebrate you @ksam for the tutorial post on canva, you simplify it to our understanding, and to my able team 3 leader l salute you @moremoney28, not forgetting the brain behind the success of the initiative Hive learners community, thank you so much, for your labor of love.

my experience on hive.

At first it was not funny, my first challenges was after my introduction, I didn't receive any up vote, but that didn't discouraged me I keep on push until little by little I started getting vote, I remember writing a post in a wrong community which I was later corrected, then I know that each community has its own rules.

Meeting new people.

It is in hive that I met people that always call my attention anytime I make any mistakes on my post, the honorable @galenkp has been a good teacher to me, he thought me how to do somethings on hive, I appreciate him for that.

Why is plagiarism frowned upon hive.

Plagiarism is stealing, when you copy someone's work as though is yours, without his or her permission you are a thief, in hive creativity is well encourage, that is were we talked on proof of brain, you are to put your brain to work, it helps to develop your mind, plagiarism comes as a result of laziness.

Explain why the use of tags is very important on hive.

What is tags: A tag is an identity that label your post, once you use a tag your write-up appears on that community that you tag. So tags are very important because it is the tags that makes your post appears in those communities.

What you get from using the wrong tags.

Whenever you use a wrong tags the repercussion is down vote, and you know how is frustrating having downvote, one must be careful.

Some general tags I use in most of my post.



hive- engine



It very important because it makes one post to look attractive and unique for readers

text- justify

Is what makes ones work looks, organise and good, it helps in arrange ones work to look nice and neat also.

Steps to follow for justifying your text

Insert this symbol <div class= text justify">input the text and end it up with

For example

Before addiny justify markdown

Growing my Hp in Hive is my priority, and that is why am putting myself under pressure to get to my goal.

After adding the justify markdown

Growing my Hp in Hive is my priority, and that is why am putting myself under pressure to get to my goal
Just see the difference, the one with the text justifying looks nice and neat.


headlines are very important aspect in creating a post on hive, it helped to beautify the content.

Steps to follow in applying headlines

To used this markdown, first insert this symbol # at the. Start of the content or text.

For example

See how the line show very thick and bold that is what we mean by highlighted.


For example

heading 1

heading 2

heading 3

heading 4

heading 5

As the number of the # increases, it reduces the boldness of the content, so is left for you to choose any size you feel is o.k when using the heading becouse all is accepted in hive.


For your content to look very neat and well arrange, that will be clear for readers you can't afford to miss tabl because it helped in giving your work a nice look by making a spreadsheet or colums .

Step to follow in creating table

No| ingredients use| quantity use


1 | maggi |5

The colums can be more than 3 or less than 3 depending on what you want.

See how the table look like

3Red Peoper1pc
4Onion1meduim ball
5Carrot2Small pc
6Green beansHand full
7Vegetable oilItbsp

Canva design

Canva design is one of the best thing in this task, @ksam has simplify it for us, you just have to start with editing, and deleting the write-up that is on the design, the procedure is simple.

All images are mine using canva for the designs.

Thanks for stopping by

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