My Hive Goals And Some Strategies To Achieve Them.

Hi everyone, I hoping you are doing great, It really good to be part of this initiative, I'm taking it as a privilege, and am so happy to be part of this program, thanks for the opportunity.

I was introduced to the hive blog chain December 2022, I initially didn't want to be part of it but thank God for @hivedeb who told me that it very interesting and educative, which I am greaful I did.

What are the benefits of setting goals.

  • Setting goals is very important in life, when you set your goal, you live your life by choice not chance, goals setting enhance your life in all your endeavor.

  • Goals setting keeps you focus and help you not to be distracted in what you are doing.

  • goals setting makes one not to be involved in anything that can't add anything to ones life, it also keeps one refresh because knowing what you are into keeps you from confusion.

  • Smart goals is the easy way to achieve your dreams, I believe that this class is an eye opening to me, breaking your goals to the list, that is simplifying your goals.

my goals on hive as a newbie?

Having my hive goals is paramount, it's will keep me focus and help in developing good standard in everything I do in hive, knowing what I want to achieve in hive will make one serious in all engagement.

Hive power

Currently my hive power is 128.982 trusting that at the end of this initiative I should be 324 hive power, that is making at least 4 hive power per day so at the end of 7 weeks it will give me the figure I desired.

Hive followers

Presently my hive followers are 14 and I wwant to increase it to 30 followers, at the end of 7 weeks of the initiative.

My Engagement

Presently my engagement is 335 trusting to add 196 during this initiative to make it 531.

My Consistency

In order to achieve my desired results I have to be consistent in creating quality content each day, and also increase my engagement with others so I will be known in other communities.


My reputation is currently 59, at the end of the 7 weeks I want to grow it to 61 reputation.


Presently I had no referrals yet but trusting to have 2 referrals at the end of this 7 weeks.

How I plan to achieve my goals.

Every goals must be simplify in order to achieve your desired results.

How I plan to achieve my 324 hive power,

currently my hive power is 128.982 trusting to add 196 hive power to make it 324 hive power, that is everyday I will need to make not less than 4hive power per day, in a week I will need 28 hive power, in order to achieve this goal I need to put my time in creating quality content by participating in community contest, and commiting myself to engagement in other community.

How I plan to achieve my 30 followers

Currently I have 14 followers trusting to make it 30 by the end of this 7 weeks, by engaging in other community and creating quality content and engagement.

How I plan to achieve engagement goals.

Currently I have 335 comments trusting to increase it to 531 comments at the end of this initiative, that is each day having not less than 4 comments, in a week 28 comments and in 7 weeks it will be 196 comments to make it 531 at the end of 7 weeks.

How I plan to achieve my consistentcy.

Since I have a goal, then in order to bring my goals to reality, one must be consistent, I will make sure I participate in the weekly contest, and commit myself to engagement, so as to be writing every day, by exploring other community to maintain consistentcy.

How do I achieve my 61 Reputation?

The more one create quality content, and engagement, I will make sure that I give it all it takes in order to achieve that.

How I plan to achieve my 2 Referrals.

Creating good relationship with others, that haven't no knowledge about hive, explaining to them telling them what it means to be involved in block chin.

Some factors that may hinder me from achieving these goals.

  • farming
    I am into farming, it may affect my work,when I may be very tired and end up not having time to write or engage in community engagement.

  • traveling
    traveled to a village where there is no network, it may be another great factor that may hinder from achieving my goal.

  • Light
    in Nigeria this is common, since now we did not light this can be a major factor for not achieving my goals.

Conclusion And Appreciation.

My gratitude goes to the Newbies Initiative Team for this wonderful, excellent and educative program, though you guys are not finding it easy, but still you create time for us please accept my gratitude.

I greatful to the vision runner of this initiative @starstrings01, with all the facilitators that will be handling other section in the initiative programs, and my special thanks to my team leader @moremoney28.

Thanks for your time

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