7 Reasons Why You Should Publish A Blog On Hive Everyday

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Do you want to make a business out of blogging on Hive? Then publishing high-quality blogs is important.

Do you know what's even more important? Publishing daily! Why? Let's find out!

Share Your Thoughts With The World

Writing daily helps you gather your thoughts in one place. On Hive, you can share your ideas & knowledge with the world via blogs.

It gets your creative & intellectual juices flowing. Other users can learn from the experiences that you share and start a healthy discussion with you.

You can also motivate others through your writing and in turn motivate yourself in the process. It's an empowering feeling that will make you more confident & help you get more control of your life.

Improve Your Writing Skills

One of the best things about blogging daily is that it forces you to write. You need to know how to communicate your ideas effectively and clearly, which means that you need to develop good writing skills. If you want your blog to be successful, then writing more and more well will help you get there!

As we all know, writing can be improved with practice. Just like playing an instrument or learning a sport, the more often you write (and read), the better at it you'll become over time. With a blog, this improvement happens even faster since it's always accessible—you can write whenever inspiration strikes without having to worry about putting in hours each day just so that one post happens!

Earn Crypto

The best part about Hive is that you can earn crypto from day one. This means, if curators like your content, they can direct rewards from the rewards pool by upvoting your content.

You can earn crypto by creating high quality content and sharing your knowledge with the world. This is a good enough reason to publish daily. This can be your side hustle while you work your way up the ranks and build a massive stake over time.

Find New Opportunities

Here are a few of the opportunities that you can find by publishing a blog every day on Hive:

  • Connect With Your Audience: Blogging daily helps you connect with your readers and other people in the same industry as you. It allows you to share new ideas, gather feedback, and engage in conversations around these ideas. You’re also more likely to build relationships with fellow bloggers and your followers because they get to interact with you often if you show up daily.

  • Build Long Term Relationships. Blogging allows you to meet new people who might become friends or colleagues down the road. Sharing ideas is a great way for everyone involved to learn from one another without having met in person yet; those connections may lead into full-fledged partnerships later on down the line! I have made some really cool friends on Hive and that is the ultimate power one can have.

  • Learn something new every day (or at least most days). When you are compelled to write everyday, you will find new topics to write about. Sometimes, it requires you to do a ton of research because you know nothing about the topic beforehand. When you write about the things you learn, the newfound knowledge gets stored in your memory forever.

Improve SEO Ranking Hive Apps

SEO is a long-term strategy, and it's not a quick win. It takes time to build trust, and the best way to do so is by consistently producing quality content that your audience finds valuable. That's the only way! It's more about consistency than the technicalities.

Building relationships with other bloggers in your niche by sharing their content and interacting with them helps with SEO as well. Your engagement with them will help you rank higher in search engines. You can also share your blogs on social media to give out social signals daily. Each social signal boosts the SEO ranking of your blog and the main website.

Give Reasons To Your Followers To Come Back

As a content creator or blogger, studying human behavior helps a lot while connecting with your audience:

  • If you tell them what they will learn, they will come.

  • If you tell them what they will get out of it, they will stay.

  • If you tell them what to expect, they’ll want more.

And if they want more, but you are not ready to publish daily, then they will go away. It's as simple as that. People will take no time to forget you if they don't see you or your content active every day. You have to keep doing it until your brand gets registered in the minds of your followers. Once that is done, you are unstoppable. The best way to achieve this fate? Publish Daily!

Build Community

When you start publishing more often, it can be hard to keep up with the number of comments you get. It feels like an avalanche. But imagine how much better things would be if there were even more comments. And how about if people were sharing your blog with others?

If you've ever been on the receiving end of a great comment or felt that rush of satisfaction when someone shares your work, then it's easy to see why this matters so much. You want as many people reading and engaging in your content as possible—and the best way to achieve that is by being consistent in your posting schedule and putting out quality content every day.

It's good discipline! Keeps you in the habit of posting regularly and overtime helps you build a community around your blog. It's important because the community is everything on Hive. ✌️

Side Note About Quality

Blogging is the new way to communicate and you should do it everyday! That doesn't mean you would compromise on quality just to get some stuff out there.

Quantity without Quality is not a Good Thing. You may be thinking to yourself, "Publishing multiple times per day will increase my followers and upvotes." While it's true that more posts will give you a larger audience, if the quality of each post isn't good or relevant to your audience, then it won't matter how often you publish them!

Your readers will stop reading your blog and go elsewhere for better information.

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