Teaching my proudest achievement

It's another lovely moment to participate in this last edition of week 15 contest on this glorious platform of hive learners. I want to thank the entire management for their consistency in bringing this life changing contest.

When I saw the topic, it took me more than 18hours to brainstorm before writing this. This is owed to the fact that in my journey of life, I have had varied achievements therefore it becomes difficult to single out one. Hmm I'll attempt to share one.

One thing that I have done ever since I was born that excites me in life.

During the outbreak of covid-19, I had the privilege to take tutorial for a girl that was in senior Secondary School one. I taught her chemistry from the fundamentals to the peak even at her level. I exposed her to the standard exams questions in NECO and WAEC. She grasped the concepts and it was very impressive. Her performance improved even when she returned to school.
I encouraged her to attempt the external exams since her parents are buoyant financially. She yielded to the counsel and persuaded her parents. Finally they registered her for the exams.

When the results were released, she checked and behold she got B3 in chemistry. I jumped up and started celebrating. The mother and the girl appreciated my efforts and encouragement in achieving this feat.

I tagged this my proudest achievement because I was able to teach , encouraged someone and the result of my labor showed up just after few months.
Impacting lives is my best achievement. I'm proud to be a teacher. No nation will advance without the instrumentality of a teacher.
I'm happy because today I have been able to replicate what I have in somebody's life and is real, workable.

Presently we are waiting for the release of admission so that she can start studying radiography. The teaching experience has transformed and made me better than how I use to be.
I'm still making impact today. Receiving calls from my students gives me joy and keeps me going.

Thanks for visiting my blog

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