One thing that changed my view of life.

Dear lovelies of hive learners,
This is my entry for week 14 edition 2 which I titled ' One thing that changed my view of life'.

I'm certain that in life, there are different things that changed people's lives. Our change factor can't and might never be the same.
As for me, one thing that transformed my yesterday to the present is knowledge. This is a true life story.

I had been a pessimistic person at my developing stage until I encountered a pool of undiluted knowledge that penetrated through my bones and marrow, designed accurately my thoughts via reading books and training.
Hmmm I was amazed and wondering thoughts kept flying through my heart. I received it with an open mind that's why it had an effect on me.

It's written that lack of knowledge people perish. This was the exact recap of my life.
The knowledge flushed out inferiority complex, stage fright and timidity. I was able to build up my self esteem after a period of time.

I found relevance into management after going through an inductive training to add up to my personal development. I was exposed to the strategies on how to build self confidence which I applied and found workable in my life. I also learnt human resource management where I can manage people to achieve a specific task.

This knowledge hasn't expired. Presently I can stand before people, train them in some management courses, how to write an award winning curriculum vitae etc. Presently I can consult and give workable principles in sustaining business. The knowledge hasn't just changed me but also has some money value attached.

My view in life has drastically changed simply because of the knowledge I acquired. I don't look down on people rather I try to bring out the best in them so that they give back to the society. Any opportunity I have, I share new ideas and my little understanding about things.
Till date, I am a seeker of knowledge. I must confess hive has been doing good in adding seasoned knowledge to my life.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

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