This is my entry in response to the prompt for week 80 and the first edition for the week. It's an awesome moment to participate.

One of the present challenges of life is for an individual to acknowledge where they are coming from. Many have given up and compromised their stand simply because of the pressures and other challenges about life.
Kindly follow me as I share my perspective on the issue of reincarnation which I proposed a topic this if I would still like where I came from no matter the background.

what does reincarnation means to me?

I can simply put to come back again. A situation where something that has existed before to resurface.

which country would I like to reincarnate to?

It may sound somehow to someone because of the kind of country I would like to reincarnate to. It's obvious that Nigeria is not at the right frame of affairs due to the changes in the economic growth and development. For me personally I believe i am in this country and no matter the present challenge i can not easily deny my citizenship to another country out there .

I'm proud to be a Nigerian. I was wondering if not that I hail from this country what would have become of me as far as the matter of destiny is concerned? I don't see me in this country as a mistake neither as a subject of chance but is of God's plan which is perfect.

I have no regrets over the present state of my nation because nothing just happened. I had the privilege to interact with mostly youths who categorically told me that they are looking for opportunity to either relocate or change the country of their choice.

One of the reasons that made me like this country is the untold hardship that has befallen virtually all the citizens. The measures of food stuff I got just a week ago suddenly escalated. Not just on the food but also the transport system has become something outrageous not to talk about others.
The challenges has really trimmed me and built more capacity to confront any giant out there. Sometimes you don't know the process pathway prepare for your destination. Challenges makes one think better and more productive outside the box.

Do I like my gender?

I have heard and seen several people that wished they weren't either male or female. I'm proud to be of a male gender. Even if I had another opportunity to reincarnate I will still choose the same sex.

would I reincarnate to my family?

The answer to this is still a yes for me. I have come to realised that my family really invested in building me to what I am today. I grew up to see all it takes to be successful and relevant in life from the practical living of my elder ones. Could you just see where I would have been if not this beautiful family? Hmmm no regrets at all. I love my family.
I have seen individual that changed even their skin colour because they hail from a poor family background hence if another opportunity opens up, they would migrate to another richer and better family. I will change the status of my family from where it is to a better one.

What I would change about myself?

I would work on my self especially areas I noticed weakness so that the strength will shoot up as I reincarnate. I would also invest in personal capacity building so that my new life will be better. As a reincarnated personality, I will change my world to be a better place.


Every one is uniquely designed to fit into life purpose. The most important thing for me is to discover purpose and get fulfilled in respective of gender, family background etc. Even if I were to reincarnate seven times I would preferred Nigeria, my family, my gender over and over again.

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